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There's Nothing Wrong With Being A Classy Bish.

Hey! I'm Kate!

From business to community to book lover life, I'm the bish you need!


Hey Bish!

While you will see me online as Classy Bish Kate,

you can just call me Kate.

I'm so happy you are here- whether it is for community or business, I can't wait to connect! I have 13 years experience in social selling, 8 years experience in social media marketing, and 3 years experience in the role of an operations manager. I created a community space 6 years ago to discuss everything under the sun and to create a safe space that people know they can go to for a laugh, connection, and support.


Basically, I love to see people succeed, and there are so many ways to help make that happen!


The person I am behind the screen is a neurospicy mom of two gremlins working to give them their best life. I work in collaboration with their bio dad and their bonus dad (my awesome partner) to make that happen. Yes, coparenting doesn't have to be toxic! My favorite topic is empowerment and helping people find what that means to them. Reading and baking are my favorite activities, closely followed by exploring the PNW or spending a day in streaming a complete series. I consider myself a kitchen witch as food is a great way to heal- your gut, your body, and your soul. You will find that I am always working to live my most authentic life, even when it is considered too loud or weird.

I'm currently the Operations Manager for SavEDGE Fitness, doing some freelance work for some really cool people, a wannabe author writing her first book series, and finally, a pretend micro-

Connect with me on Instagram! I love talking with new people!

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