There's Nothing Wrong With Being A Classy Bish.

Hey! I'm Kate!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself! I'm a single mom of the two beautiful children and a full time business student in her last semester! I love to run (netflix marathons that is), bake, hang out with my friends, and invest time on being a better me. 

I have found what sets my soul aflame is empowering individuals- in any aspect I can! I'm a marketing consultant and love seeing businesses thrive with proper marketing. I create graphic bundles for small businesses and individuals to save them time and energy but still have beautiful content. My favorite is that I am the creator of Sassfirmations, a line of snarky affirmations for the times you need a statement with a kick!

I so look forward to getting to know YOU and seeing what we can share with each other- be it a quick chat, an insight on a topic, or even just a show recommendation!

Browse around my site, check everything out, but most importantly, be sure to come join me and a ton of other amazing individuals in The Classy Bish Collective on Facebook!


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