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There's Nothing Wrong With Being A Classy Bish.

Hey! I'm Kate!

From business to community to book lover life, I'm the bish you need!

Image by Ella Jardim

Boss Bish Social

I created Boss Bish Social when I realized people weren't reaching the potential they could online with a few simple tweaks of what they share or how they are posting online. It has evolved into a series of classes meant to help you in your online journey, ready to use content packs, as well as an exclusive co-working membership I run with a fellow business owner.

Image by Rebecca

The Classy Bish Collective

The Classy Bish Collective is the group of women you have been dreaming of. We are all about supporting one another in whatever walk of life we choose. We create a space to allow us to be authentically ourselves without judgement. We talk about everything under the sun and are excited for you to become a classy bish!

Image by Radu Marcusu

Book Bish Life

I'm a wannabe author, ARC & book reviewer, and overall, a romance lover!

Reading has always been my happy place and in the last two years I found my way back to making the time and growing my personal library. The genres I read the most are personal & business development along with any sort of romance. Check out my IG to see my latest reads!

Hey Bish

While you will see me online as Classy Bish Kate, you can just call me Kate.

I'm a single mom of two gremlins living in the Seattle-Tacoma area. My favorite topic is empowerment and helping people find what that means to them. Reading and baking are my favorite activities, closely followed by TV shows and movie marathons. I consider myself a kitchen witch as food is a great way to heal. I'm still learning and exploring all about this, and how it fits with my faith instead of against it!

I have 11 years in Network Marketing, 6 years in Social Media Marketing, and a Marketing Management degree. I LOVE what social media can do for the world and the new (positive) innovative ways we continue to take it in!

Connect with me on Instagram! I love talking with new people!

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