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Things I Love & Get To Share as an affiliate or with a referral link!

About Being An Affiliate

There are a few companies and businesses I have items from that I love so much that I want to share with people. Everything on this page are items I personally use or my daughter uses! Here you will find companies I am either an affiliate for or have referral links with!


You can see me using these products more on my Instagram highlight 'Affiliate <3'

I will be completely honest: some items I get a discount on and others earn me a credit with that shop to spend on the items I personally use! I repeat, everything here are actually things I love and use! I don't believe in sharing things I do not personally use!

Let's start with amazing businesses I am an affiliate with!



with Heather LeBron

My daughter can be the girliest girl in the world. She loves twirly, fun print dresses and DotDotSmile delivers! What I love about these dresses is you can size up and allow your girls to grow into! My daughter has dresses she has had for three years she just now is officially fitting! The ones that are a size too small look adorable as shirts with leggings!

Use DDSLUCIE with Heather for free shipping on your order!



by MT

I have the weirdest shaped head so finding headbands is the absolute worst- let alone finding ones that are comfortable and cute! Reverie by MT has this issue solved! Cute, fashionable, and size adjustable with her amazing knots, these headbands are just what you have been looking for!

Use code REVERIEKATE for 10% off your order!

Interested in having me as an Affiliate?

I am always open for collaborations or being contacted about affiliate opportunities! 

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I look forward to working with you!

Referral Links

Here are some companies I personally shop with and want to share my referral links with YOU!


Sparkle Hustle Grow

Your Favorite Monthly Business Expense

Love reading for your business? What about getting exclusive training's? Or maybe you want to get some special swags to help doing your daily business tasks more fun?


I love subscription boxes and this is my favorite to date- partially for the items and partially because I can write it off as a business expense!

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