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Classy Bish Collective

There's Nothing Wrong With Being A Classy Bish.

The Classy Bish Collective, formerly known as Classy Bish Boutique, is our Facebook Community that use to be where I sold products through my online boutique that has now turned into a community of individuals who have created a place to truly and safely be themselves! There is no judgment of how you live your life and the goal of the community is to help us all live our best lives where we truly love ourselves and the bodies we inhabit. We share and discuss a variety of topics, I continue to share the few items I still represent, and even have other businesses in every so often to highlight products they offer.

This group grew from a small group of friends looking for sassy items to an amazing community of bishes connecting! Here are just some of the items I love and represent in the collective:



Affirmations for every bish.

A few years back I started on my self-growth journey and discovered affirmations along the way. While I loved the positive statements out there in the world, I felt they were lacking.

In sass.

In cusswords.

In that kick that made them truthful in my head.

Sassfirmaitons were born out of the need for all of these inside an affirmation!

Special releases and limited releases will be available first in the Collective so don't miss out!


Classy Bish Sips

I am a tea FIEND. I personally can only have cold brew due to hot coffee causing migraines, but tea has always been one of my loves. One of my closest friends represented a tea and coffee company and I adored every single thing I received. When I realized I was spending so much and had so many friends ordering that I should just sign up, I did so! It is super fun to share coffee and tea with my friends all over! It's like having an on going coffee social!

Affiliate Life

I'm an affiliate with companies and for products I love and I also share some of my absolute favorites here on my site! I don't share anything I don't love- even if I am offered payment to do so. I believe in only sharing things I genuinely love and use!

Check out my affiliate page to find some discounts to use on products I genuienly loveo and check out my favorites page for items that I just truly love!

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