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Classy Bish Playlist

Classy Bish Playlist

A playlist for every occasion!

After having people ask me about the music I play at Bish Bashes and on my lives, I finally made a playlist for our power jams and upbeat music! I try to add music consistently so it doesn't get boring!

I am always open to suggestions!

Classy Bish Break ups

Needing a playlist to listen to as you wallow over a potential love interest that didn't pan out? Maybe you and your signficant other have broken up. First off, know that the bishes are here for you. Second, music is healing so put this on shuffle and listen, sing, and cry. At the end of your jam session, remember that you are one badass, classy bish.

Classy Bish hype

Looking for a playlist that is just pure PUMP UP music? This is it! Our everyday Classy Bish Playlist is great but this one is pure up and up and up! Listen to it as you pump for interviews, work out, or anything else that you just need a hype up session for!


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