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I am an avid tea lover and I found that cold brew coffee is my jam as it doesn't release the oils the way hot coffee does. After an extensive amount of time of The Collective ordering from my dear friend, I decided to sign up myself to be the direct caffeine supplier for us all through Java Momma. Not only did I love the product, I loved that Java Momma​ is about doing direct sales in a better way: community and barista focused and not in an annoying salesy way. That is what I am about personally in my businesses: doing direct sales better! I knew this was the perfect fun business for me!

Here is the Java Momma Mission Statement:

Armed with an arsenal of responsibly grown options of coffee, tea and, cocoa, we are fueling the opportunity to percolate your own dreams. Java Momma is brewing a strong community one sip at a time.

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My Favorite Sip Items


Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

I hate lemon tea.

I hate green tea.

Do not ask me how this lemon flavored green tea has become one of my favorite items from Java Momma.

It is THAT GOOD! It tastes like lemon shortbread! I encourage you to add this to your cart on your next order!


Stranger Things 4 Pack Coffee Set

Coffee, Tea, Cocoa? You choose the brew, JM chooses the mysteries. Pick from 1/2 bag of coffee, 8 single-serve cups, bag of tea and an infuser, or 4 cocoas and mochas.

The items are always a blast and such a fun treat to yourself to brighten any day!

$40 includes shipping!


Sea Salt Caramel Mocha

This is my FAVORITE flavor from our consistent line of coffee offerings! I make it as cold brew, add chocolate milk, add some caramel drizzle and pink Himalayan salt and it tastes like a knock off Salted Caramel Mocha from regular coffee shops! It is saving me a ton of money!


Java Momma roasts all their own coffee fresh to order, meaning when you order your specialty flavors, it is roasted in the following days! Check out all the amazing choices!


Java Momma has a selection of yummy teas for all occasions! From black to rooibos to green to fruit to more savory- your tea needs will be met! Be sure to order a bag!

Host A Party

Hosting a party is not only a delicious and fun way to share Java Momma with friends, it is a great way to reap in some rewards!

Boxes & Subscriptions

Java Momma offers a variety of monthly subscriptions and mystery boxes! Check to find out what is currently available below!