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Are you ready to start earning from what you post?

Are you ready to start earning from what you post?

It's time to design your next era and have a say in how you show up online!

Join  the Design Your Era class and get ideas on  ways to embrace the micro-influencer title!

Our lives are built of eras...

Whether we are in our beginning business era, home party era, networking era, or in the cusp of our micro-influencer era, they are all important in our journey and the story we share online. Knowing what we are, having the consistency, and creating the connection are all important pieces to the story that others see and share about us.

If you are ready to embrace your micro-influencer era, start earning from what you are sharing online, and become the shining star you are meant to be, come join us in designing your own era.

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Presented by Classy Bish Kate,
Founder & Owner of Boss Bish Social

Kate has been in business for over 10 years now, having started with her first direct sales company at 18. She has been with multiple direct sales companies and run her own businesses and has always been able to stand out because of her graphic making skills.

She created Boss Bish Social when she had other businesses start asking her for content creation and social media management. In late 2021, she started selling pre-made graphic packs to small businesses, and in 2022 she launched The Vault, granting access to every graphic she has ever made.

That wasn't enough, however, and she had people asking for more classes on ways to increase visibility online and how to do things like take better product photos and flat lays. Her library of online classes was created and has not stopped growing since!

Sign up below and then make sure you are in the Boss Bish Social Lounge on Facebook to join the class live every day starting May 15th!

In this class we will cover...

and more!

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Want to have even more fun?

Dress yourself up in a fun outfit and tell us about a past era in your social posting or business you loved!

Whether you had a home party era, networking focused era, social selling era- whatever you want to name certain times in your life, dress up like a past self, snap a photo, and share on Instagram why you enjoyed that era and why you are so excited to move into the micro-influencer era and challenge with Boss Bish Social!

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