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Kate draped over a bed in the Bluebird Boudoir Studio

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Thanks for checking out my link directory! Join the Classy Bish Collective on Facebook, shop my tea link, check out my writing, and more!

Photo Credit: Boudoir by Bluebird & Lace

The Classy Bish Collective

Want to hang out with a bunch of awesome bishes who will love and accept you for who you are? These are the friends you always wish you had growing up!

My Tea Shop

Been watching all of my videos or posts and now want your own? Shop through me and my direct sales partner ship here! Read about my favorites first, though!

The Empowered
Bish Club

We all want to be our best and favorite selves and sometimes we need a little push or reminder. Enter: The Empowered Bish Club

Small Biz Content

I create content for small businesses who need fill in the blank interaction and more. Graphic packs are available on my site, or you can contact me if you are looking for a social media manager.

She Grows Social

Being a business owner doesn't have to be lonely! Come join us in She Grows Social for coworking, business trainings, and so much more!

Join the monthly mastermind for just $49!

Referral Links & Discounts

I'm a micro-influencer and am always down to get the hookup for others! Wanting to know more about something I plugged in a video or post? You can probably get the info here!

Amazon Suggestions

Look, I get it! Not everyone is a fan about direct sales. That is totally fine! Here is my suggested list for amazon parallels to make your brewing experience easier!


(PS- It is a wish list because it is on my dummy account I don't share with anyone and don't actually shop on)

My Personal Wish List

Here is a list of things I have been lusting after. Whether you are seeking ideas for yourself or feel like making my day, I hope it inspires you in your endeavors.

(I also have a list for my gremlins aka small humans)

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