Frequently Asked Questions

What all do you carry or offer?

Under Classy Bish Boutique I am an Independent Brand Stylist for Agnes & Dora, a Fashion Director for Park Lane Jewelry, Barista with Java Momma, and I am an affiliate with Dirty Bee. 

Through Boss Bish 101 I offer free social media tips, classes for different topics, and one on one consultations for social media help needed.

Where all can I shop?

I have so many links- and this isn't to cause stress, it is because I offer so much! You can browse under the Classy Bish Boutique tab or click links below!

You can shop my Style Site for Agnes & Dora here. Be sure check out the monthly collection!

Interested in Park Lane Jewelry? Check out my shopping link here! Do not forget to do buy 2 get 4 half off! (The higher priced items are the half off!) If you want to make someone's day, add your order on to someones party!

Want to browse the coffee, teas, and other drink accessories? Check out my Java Momma site!

Have you been paid to share anything on your website?

All of my favorites and other things I share and represent are because I love the products! The people I share are individuals I love working and shopping with, never someone who has paid me to link them!

I am an affiliate for Dirty Bee meaning I earn credit when people shop through my link.


I will state when I have received a product to review in my review or page about something.

That being said, I will happily review or promote products for you or your company- but I will never promote something I don't love!