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Head Bish Links

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Classy Bish Sips

Classy Bish Sips is what Kate calls her Sipology shop! If you are looking for a new tea- including loose leaf tea and matcha- this is the company for you! They have even more including Kombucha kits, scone mix, teaware, and more! Head to or see the albums in The Collective to browse about.


Business Coaching with Abby

Want to take your business next level? Want to do direct sales better? Join Abby Garrison's FREE business coaching group  here to see if she is the right fit for you or go straight to her site by clicking below.

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Tula Xii with Deborah

Want to get organized? Want to learn about journaling?  Looking for the perfect planner for your life? Build it yourself with Deborah and Tula Xii! Shop below and join her group- Planner Therapy!

Image by Alexa Williams

Boss Bish Graphics

Looking to learn about taking your own product images? Basic social media tutorials? Want monthly content graphics to boost interaction in your group? Maybe you just want to hire the task out! Kate is the person you need! Contact her under Boss Bish Images on the main menu above or join her group below!

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Red Aspen with Abby

Looking for your next set of flasies? Maybe some new makeup or fake nails! Abby has you covered with Red Aspen! Shop her link below and join her shopping group, Polished and Pampered!

Image by Giorgio Trovato