My Favorite Products

That I Don't Personally Sell

I love so many products out there and am big on sharing my friends in business! I have tried to include my favorites with at least one link to someone you can connect with and purchase from! Some of the products you will see here I carry myself because I love them so much!

Nothing on this page is sponsored by any individuals! They are my genuine and personal opinion!

Color Street

I have never been someone who could have their nails done. The weight of it always felt too heavy and I would end up chipping and pealing it off. 

Color Street has COMPLETELY changed that! I can have gorgeous nails that last a while and it doesn't trigger my sensory issues!

Check through your friends list to see if you have a friend who can send you a sample!

Feel free to check out my friends as well!



Purrty Nails by Li-Ting

DotDotSmile Dresses

These twirly dresses are just want your dress loving child needs! Tons of twirl, beautiful prints, and different styles to fit everyone's taste!

I love that even as my child grows, she can always pair them with leggings and we can even get bigger sizes for her to grow in to that she can wear now!

My favorite style is the empire but Lucie's favorite style is the ballerina!

If you don't have a rep, check out mine! Use code DDSLUCIE for free shipping!

DotDotSmile by Heather Lebron

Flirt Perfume from Pure Romance

When people think about Pure Romance, I know the immediate reaction is to either shock or giggles. Pure Romance is so much more than bedroom accessories!

I love my Flirt perfume because not only do the pheromones put me in a better mood, they help me make better connections with others! Pheromones aren't just for intimate relationships, smelling good also helps you in business and sales!

If you don't have this perfume, you are missing out! Contact my friend for your own bottle and say I sent you!


SeMe Family Foods

SeMe Family Foods has an amazing selection of jams and more! I met them at an event I was helping to orchestrate and quickly fell in love with all of their options!

My personal favorite that I continue to order and keep stocked in my fridge is the Dark Kiss jam! It is a Blackberry and Dark Red Wine jam that has a hint of chocolate! It is delicious on its own, over pancakes, in a pb&j sandwich, or even on an egg sandwich! 

This is a must try jam! Browse their site and place an order of your own!



SeMe Family Foods

Verity & Co. Designs

I'm part of a women's group on Facebook and met the owner of Verity & Co. Designs through the group! I fell in love with her hand stamped necklaces and knew I wanted to collaborate on a project for all of my Classy Bishes.

She delivered better than I could have expected!

If you are needing your own hand stamped jewelry or gifts, definitely contact her! You won't be disappointed!

Check out her Facebook and Instagram to see her work!

Verity & Co. Designs Facebook

Verity & Co. Designs Instagram

pawTree pawTreats

Have you ever seen a cat walk on his hind legs for a treat? I hadn't until we brought these treats into our home! Not only does our extremely picky cat love these treats, so do our dogs!

These treats are:

Grain free

No corn, no wheat, no soy

No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

No fillers

Developed by Veterinarians and Nutritionists

Made in the U.S.A.

Your pets are sure to flip and love these treats! Get yours with my friend Annette Lanker of Holy Cow Critters! She is the person I turn to for all pet advice!


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