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A Month of Outfits Using 10 Items

Let me start by saying that title is misleading af, but to get you to click is has to be catchy.

For the month of September I am using 10 items from my Savvi collection as the base for a month of outfits and styling.

It is unrealistic of me and anyone who sells clothing to think you are going to abandon everything you already own and anything you want to buy from anyone else just to strictly wear the clothes we rep. The only way you are doing that is if you develop the cult mindset of 'must only wear what I sell' - which is such a common and negative theme in direct sales. So let's kick it to the side, shall we?

My goal with this challenge is to do a few things!

  1. Show you the value you get for each item I am sharing

  2. Show different ways you can use and style pieces in your wardrobe with things you could add

  3. To push myself out of my comfort zone

  4. To give you some ideas for Fall

We are on day 3 already and my first two outfits were completely out of my zone, but I have never been more in love with my body or my style.

Let me tell you the items I am using though before I show you some pictures!

Riot Crew Pullover

Breathe Crop Top

Mayfair Bell Sleeve Sweater

Queens Dress

Astoria Skirt

Met Skirt

Line Bike Shorts

ISO Leggings

Belgravia Bottoms

Greene St. Sweater

You can see each item I am using specifically here in this TikTok I made!

And now to show you some outfits I have already created! The first one was using the Belgravia Bottoms which I had never worn until Tuesday! I paired them with a graphic tee (for taco Tuesday), a long necklace and some earrings. The second outfit was the Line Bike Shorts, Breathe Crop Top, and the Pullover until it was too warm in the afternoon.

These are just starting out. Wait until you see how I am styling some of these other items together! Be sure you are signed up for our weekly email as I will be sharing a look or two in there, but you can also see them on my Instagram and even over on my TikTok!

Which style are you most excited to see me create looks with?

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