A New Kind Of Halloween

In the time of the 'Rona, many of us are already struggling with the idea of sending our kids back to school. Well, some of us are. Some of us live in more populated areas, have kids too young to understand the issues with trading masks, and even have family at home who is more likely to have a fatal consequence due to COVID-19.

Halloween fun doesn't need to be canceled. I know Trick or Treating is a staple to many kids but there are so many ways to make it a blast AT HOME and help to keep numbers down! I know many people are talking about an Easter egg hunt of sorts ON Halloween. As Halloween lovers, my family is taking this as a chance to have a mini Halloween every weekend.

Every Friday night to start the weekend, the kids will pull a slip from a trick or treat bucket we have. It will list a Halloween movie, some sort of candy, and a little gift. The gifts are a big thing like the Scentsy Jack and Sally Scentsy buddies to smaller items like Wendy's Boo books for multiple free frosties, to coloring books (Amazon) and even their costumes.

Here are the list of movies we are going to put up as options:

Hocus Pocus

Nightmare Before Christmas



The House With A Clock In The Walls

Scooby Doo on Zombie Island

The Little Vampire

Monster House

Hotel Transylvania


Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

Corpse Bride



Adams Family




The Witches


It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

I am sure anything we don't watch on a Friday night we will watch on other days and times throughout the next month. For each Friday night we will change into our pj's and gather our snacks and watch our movie all together.

Isn't that the point of holidays? Being with your family and having fun in a way that works for your situation?

So stop with the idea that Halloween is canceled! It is only canceled if you let it be!

What are you choosing to do for Halloween? Do you plan on trick or treating or are you planning something at home?

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