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An Open Note To The Virtual Learning Parent

It’s the time of year where we would normally be telling teachers we will give them anything they want because they are taking our kids off our hands so we have hours during the day free from our mini goblins that we love so much.

Now depending on your state, your personal choices, etc., your kids may be doing virtual learning like mine. Things in our district are still being pieced together and figured out one hour at a time. Because that’s how this ish works when you are in a whole new world of learning.

You mix in our regular parenting stuff, work, and now trying to partially teach our kids and parents have become downright cruel to teachers and the situation. It seems like many of us are forgetting that many of these teachers are also parents trying to make sure not only are OUR kids successful this year, but also their own.

Some of the posts and comments I have seen on Facebook have made me question some of my friendships with people. If they are unable to be empathetic and patient before even trying it out, they themselves and they alone are the reasons their kids are not going to do well this year.

I know it is a shitstorm. My kids school computer doesn‘t allow her to access Zoom so she is having to use mine. That means I get nothing done during the day on top of sitting next to her to be of assistance whenever needed.

That isn’t the teachers fault. It isn’t even the districts fault or the tech department or or or. SHIT HAPPENS. We will figure it out.

Yes, I was pissed off this morning when I was having all these tech issues and then trying to also get my kid to pay attention to her teacher, but now that it is 12 hours later it really was nothing in the grand scheme of things. This isn’t to say don’t feel your emotions, it is to say to not let the bumps ruin the whole ride.

I may not be able to ask my kiddos teachers if they need more tissues or crayons or or or, but I can ask if they need other things.

Need access to my knowledge of social media or different useful tech? I got you. Can I Prime Now you some chocolate? Maybe your favorite adult beverage? Just let me know. Can I mail you some tea or coffee to help you keep going through the day? Can I offer up a list of apps and items we have been using to supplement learning?

Most importantly: what words of affirmations or patient emails can I send when things are testing your patience?

I keep seeing posts about being kind to ourselves and our kids during this time of transition, but let’s make sure we are doing the same for our teachers and the school staff just trying to piece it together and make it work FOR OUR KIDS.

Now go have a kickass school day

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1 Comment

Deborah Watson-Novacek
Deborah Watson-Novacek
Sep 03, 2020

Thank you SO MUCH for this post, Kate! So many people forget that the teachers are also having a really rough time with this. My husband and I live with my sister, who is a Special Ed teacher. The amount of work she has gone to in order to get started this year is incredible. She has about 10 students who cannot participate in distance learning due to their special needs, so she will be in her classroom daily with 1/2 her students coming in the morning and 1/2 coming in the afternoon. THEN - for the rest of her students she has had to prepare individualized instruction plans that she will need to incorporate into a distance learning platform.…

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