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Become The Person You Want To Be

Can I give you a bit of advice in the form of personal homework?

Take some time to figure out the one trait you would like to embody more. Confidence. Happy. Caring. Disciplined. Optimistic. What’s the one thing you have always wished you were more of or have admired (or been jealous of) that someone you know is?

Then work on it. Take five to ten minutes a day where you work on being more of THAT. If you want to be more grateful, write daily gratitude lists. Want to be more happy? How about daily dance parties (or an activity that brings you joy). Disciplined? Create a small daily routine. Confident? Say affirmations to yourself.

Two years ago I wanted to be confident enough to wear a crop top. Taking this photo put me in tears but I wanted to practice the confidence but I hated the activity. But continuing to push myself out of my comfort zone and sharing helped me to see that I actually look great. That I CAN wear whatever I want. The photos below are me from a year ago and I personally feel like the confidence is there without being a forced expression. I started taking 10 minutes a day in whatever outfit I was in and had a photo shoot and posted it in my group to share with people. The action of putting the photos up online was like an act of rebellion to society that this big girl COULD be hot, followed up with my friends commenting so was just what I needed to keep working at it.

It is still something I have to work at everyday, I’ve expanded my list of exercises to practice my confidence to have more things so I don’t get bored or complacent.

Just like everything in our life though, if we want to be better at something, it just takes practice.

Now it is your turn. Tell me a trait you want to embody more and how you plan to work on it. I believe in you!

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