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Boudoir Shoot: But Make It Witchy

Over the summer I had my first boudoir shoot that helped me fall in love with my body in a new way. More than anything, the photo shoot helped me get on a whole other mental level about my body. I was so happy to see how many of my friends booked boudoir shoots because they loved mine so much.

I said after my last shoot I wanted to go back and do another already because it was so much fun and so addicting. When Jamie contacted me to see if I was interested in taking part in a witch shoot, I said yes before she gave me all the details. I didn't care how far I had to drive, I didn't care what outfit I needed to get, how much it was going to cost, I was IN. When she said we would be doing it on the anniversary of my divorce, it made the whole thing even sweeter.

I hit up Torrid for a new bralette and panties, I ordered some options off of SHEIN, I asked my mom to borrow her cauldrons and her hat from Evercrumbly & Witch, packed my crowns from Titania's Wardrobe, and I was good to go. Not only was I going to get some amazing witchy photos, I was going to get to meet some of the awesome ladies who I had been interacting with in the Bluebird & Lace VIP group!

We gathered at her amazing new studio in Tacoma to do our makeup, decide on outfits and meet each other. We were all masked up and it was honestly pretty funny to be wearing a mask while I was barely covered and let Jamie choose my outfit. As I saw other girls getting in their dresses, I realized that I had the most skin on display- and I was the biggest one size wise in the group. Two of the gals outfits were pretty opaque and so elegant. Rachel's body suit was sheer lace but she had a skirt on that covered her a decent amount. Here I was in a bralette, cage butt panties, and a lace overlay.

I will be honest, if this had been my first shoot with Jamie, I would probably have said 'no way in hell am I going to show this much skin, let alone be the biggest girl to do it'. Having shot with her once before and knowing how kick ass the photos would be and how many of my plus size lady friends would love that I was the one showing the most skin, it didn't phase me at all. I was honestly laughing on the inside about it and thinking 'hell yeah, boudoir witch to the max!'

We all drove down to Shelton (about a hour and a half drive) and gathered at a farm that Jaime had connections with. I had brought heels but ended up quickly ditching them, preferring to get thorns in my feet over trying to hobble in heels on grass. I have no grace. Shout out to the other ladies who pushed through- they were definitely stronger than me!

We went into a thicket to get our first round of photos. Jamie's husband literally had to cut the way in for us, but once we were in, it was like we were in this magic cove. Not only was it mesmerizing watching each girl get her first round of photos, but also watching Jamie work. This may have been what we saw watching (which was still amazing), but look at what she got! WOWZA!

When it was my turn, Jamie told me her vision of using the hat from Evercrumbly and having it tilted and then putting it on. After some adjustments against the lighting in the thicket, we were a go. While us girls were meant to be the magical ones, it was definitely Jamie doing all the magic.

Completely IN LOVE! That's it. I'm never posting a photo that isn't professionally taken again . (If only.)

Once we were done in the thicket, we moved into the field and to working with other ideas Jamie had. Spooky twins. Using the massive cauldron I had brought. Each of us had our own prop of sorts we had brought as well. Rachel and Britt also changed a few times throughout the shoot and I didn't feel like I was the only 'naked' one anymore!

Every time it was another gal up, I just sat in some sort of spell watching them at work.

We all know photography is an art form, but I think we don't truly grasp it until we are sitting and watching it happen. Jamie is absolutely amazing at what she does. I know many people tend to say 'well I have a friend who will do it for free' or 'this person is cheaper' but you get what you pay for. What you pay for with Jamie is absolutely amazing images that make you feel like pure perfection.

When it was my turn with my prop I inhaled way more smoke bomb than I care to admit- hence my face in two of the photos- I was trying my hardest not to cough! The orange smoke with my Fall crown and the lantern are some of my favorite photos ever. I was bringing in Fall and you couldn't stop me if you had tried.

Jamie's mom gave us all apples (one of the best apples I have ever had!) that we even shot with.

If I didn't have girl crushes before coming to this shoot, I sure as shit did after.

This whole shoot was an absolute blast- not shocking because that is Jamie's whole goal, but it was also amazing to connect with other ladies I had seen in Bluebird & Lace VIP. I made new friends, got to bring in Fall in a super fun way, and live my best witchy life for a day!

If you have the ability to book with Bluebird & Lace - DO IT! You will not regret it, the confidence boost you will get, or the time you spent having fun with Jamie! Remember- feeling amazing about yourself has no size or age limit. You deserve to feel as beautiful and have as much fun as well did with this shoot!

*Please note that all photos on this page belong to Bluebird & Lace Photography and are not to be used without permission*

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