Business Coaching- Is It Really Worth It?

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I've been in direct sales since I turned 18, I have discussed this multiple times in past blogs, and I have also mentioned it didn't start well or with leaders who trained me on how to do anything.

I had a great support system for a while, they showed me how to lead and supply amazing customer service. They were amazing teachers and I am thankful for them everyday.

Soon enough I had to become my own teacher. Between trying to work my business, be a mom, school, helping my team, growing in how to help my business went on the back burner for a long time.

In the summer of 2018, I was given the opportunity to join a free coaching group. I went ALL IN. It came at a time I needed it, I didn't know too much about the coach, but she seemed nice and I was hungry to learn. We connected, clicked, and we got me on the track to coaching with her.

Let's interject though. It may seem silly to go with the first coach I met with. She wasn't the first coach I had met with. I had met with another coach who wanted more money than the rent on our tiny townhouse on the Eastside of Seattle (meaning A LOT of money!). The other coach didn't have the genuine interest or investment that the second coach had. I was just a dollar amount to the first coach.

The coach I ended up getting on track with genuinely cared. She had such a vibe within the first ten minutes of talking I had word vomited that I was working so hard because I was the only income as my husband (soon to be ex husband) had left me while I was pregnant for my best friend and I was having to (and lucky to) live with my mom as ends were not meeting. If I was her I would have been like "you are way too much to handle, please find someone else". But she didn't. She went "wow, ok, so you REALLY need this to work."

That August was one of my highest sales months, usually unheard of in the DS world. Summer months are usually the worst sales wise but that month was the best. I went on to join her group coaching, and then her elite program which led me to doing over $20k in sales in both of my businesses within three months.

Business coaching is ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. Here are a few reasons why-

1. You get someone on the outside looking in who can help point out little flaws, point out your strengths, and work on strategy to do better!

2. They will teach you things you don't even know about and can also put in to words the good things you are doing and how to make in consistent (I didn't even know having my own personal brand was a thing!)

3. Accountability! We all know about accountability buddies, but there is a whole drive that actually keeps you on track when you are paying for it

4. You have someone who is like your own personal cheerleader on the side lines telling you which plays to do to make your game better. They are (or should be) just as excited as you are when you reach a big goal!

5. Business coaches have (*usually*) been successful at what they are teaching and helping others achieve. If you want to be one of the best, you need to learn from them!

A business coach is absolutely worth it when YOU are ready to put in the time in effort. They can give you tools, but you have to be able to put them in to action! If I had met my coach even 4 months sooner, I probably wouldn't have listened to her and we wouldn't be where we are today.

Now before you just rush out and throw money at a business coach, find a few, see how you connect. Are they interested in you or are they interested in the wealth and network you could bring them? It's almost like dating in a sense of getting to know someone and their values. If you are unsure about someone, feel free to ask if you could talk to one of their current coachee's. Maybe even a few! Their is nothing wrong with interviewing someone you are about to give a lot of money to!

If you are wanting to know the business coach I love and continue to work and grow with, you can check out her free group here that still has all the units from that free 30 day coaching period I was in! She did not pay me to write this blog, she doesn't even know that I am referring others to her.*

I hope you find a business coach that helps you be the best you yet!

*No one (currently) is paying me to promote them so all of the people and companies I refer out to are due to my genuine love of the person and their products or services!

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