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Changing My Name to Trashy Bish, BRB

If you aren't on Facebook or just haven't caught my live from this morning, you missed all of the tea.

We had a ✨drama✨ moment yesterday.

It was found out someone was sharing information outside of The Classy Bish Collective. This is very much against the rules and what makes The Collective such a great community: we are respect and trust each other enough to let our true selves shine.

This person just let themselves shine in a way that doesn't reflect what we are about. It happens. It isn't the end of the world. I refuse to let trust to continue to be broken, however. They were upset by this policy of no second chances and told me I should remove classy from my name.

As if I had been the one to break the trust of a friend and out community as a whole. OKAY.

This wasn't the first happening this month of someone questioning my character due to not liking how I handled a situation. While I had been upset and questioning myself, this happening last night made me stop and think.

People really will seek to blame and cast shame on you no matter what, especially when they messed up or are insecure.

People have their own definition of classy and will label you trashy when it fits their needs.

I will say what I said this morning: you tell me I'm not classy and I'll turn it into a marketing stunt.

I had already planned to link and share about my author journey. I have two chapters up on my author website. My romance writing IS happening. I had original plans to just share a written post. This almost seems more fun!

Many will think it's trashy I'm sure. Writing about amazing sex? Chance encounters? So many other tropes? "Wow, how tasteless."

That can be your opinion. I'm not holding it against you and have separated things out for a reason: this won't be everyone's thing and that's ok. The Collective is about living our best, truest, unapologetic lives and will remain that way. I'm not going to close it down to people just because they don't enjoy romance writing.

That being said, I'm going to ride this "trashy" wave for a few days and read some of the filthiest books I can find. Or maybe ones I have read and just love - see my last blog about Owen! Maybe I will be inspired to write a short story or two...

Remember to show love instead of judgement today. Ask questions when you don't understand. Be willing to learn and open up to others. You may just have an awakening.

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