Easy Buffalo Chicken

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Leftovers can get so tiring, especially if you have been eating them all week. Surprisingly, this Super Bowl left over has been super delicious! I have been eating this dip all week and I’m not over it yet!

So what’s the magic recipe? -A bag of frozen chicken breast (I used the tenderloin type from Trader Joe’s) -a regular size bottle of Franks Redhot -2 8oz packs of cream cheese

1. Put the chicken, hot sauce, and one pack of cream cheese in your crock pot (or Rokcrok from Pampered Chef, which is what I used!) and set it to low. 2. Once the chicken is all cooked (about 6 hours), shred the chicken using a fork- or an electric mixer to speed up the process! 3. Add the final pack of cream cheese to the mix. I put it in a tablespoon at a time to mix it in easier. Stir until combined!

Voila! Easy peasy! You can also bake the chicken in the oven at 375 F for a hour using olive oil and pepper as well. Be sure to drain the oil after cooking before you combine the chicken with the other ingredients!

Put on top of French fries, eat it using tortilla chips, so many ideas! Or do what I did and put it between two slices each of bread and cheese for a fancy grilled cheese!

I'm always looking for recipes that make great left overs! Have one? Contact me to submit it over on Facebook or via email!

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