ELM Craft Earrings Box

I have been ogling Elm Craft earrings for quite a while! Her leather work, her adorable macrame earrings, and her adventures in clay were to be admired and filled my Instagram feed with ideas of looking truly accessorized in my clothes pics. I had to choose between getting just a set that I chose and taking the jump with her monthly mystery box. As someone who hates surprises, I was apprehensive but I chose to take the 'risk' of getting a box because the worth is three times the price.

Definitely worth the risk! I got the exact macrame earrings I wanted, a set of leather drop earrings I was drooling over, and some adorable studs that my six year old was quick to pounce on!

These earrings are hypoallergenic which are perfect for those with sensitive ears. They are SO LIGHT that the only weight you truly feel is from the metal that goes through your ear to hold them in place.

My heart is so happy to see them each time I go into my jewelry box to snag my daily items I put on to feel put together in Quarantine!

Earrings, Nolita top, and leggings- I was good to go! How could I not feel put together with this perfect little touch?!

Do you have anything from her? If you don’t but have been wanting to, use code CLASSY15 for 15% off your order with her!

Shop here: www.elmcrafts.com

Follow her Instagram!

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