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Ewww, Covid! Welcome to March Madness!

We are living in a scary time- well at least for the people who are taking the health threat happening seriously finally in the last few days. My mother is immuno-compromised so we have been taking it seriously for over a week. I have been running errands to keep her home and to make sure we are prepared for the weeks ahead of the kids being home and staying in as much as possible. I've been running errands, working on JBF stuff, and watching Schitt's Creek with my mom to keep her spirits up (hence the title- it is meant to be said in Alexis' voice). This has meant I haven't been focusing on my business and I have done 1/4 of what I usually do sales volume wise. I know my friends events are canceling left and right and are freaking out over how to pay bills.

We are all stressed. We are all in the same boat.

While I could give into the fear and be posting constantly about the terror and attract more of that energy, I am focusing on creating positive relationships and energy through supporting my friends small businesses and promoting them. When you put out good, it comes back three-fold.

For every day in the rest of March I will be spotlighting a friend and their business here on my blog under the 'Business Spotlight' category and they will all start with March Madness. Some businesses will be local to me in the Seattle area, some will be direct sales, some will be artists, and some will be shops that I order from across the USA. All of them will be small business owners who will truly appreciate your support in this scary time.

Thank you for shopping small and helping others in this time!

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