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Favorite Business Image Apps

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I have a lot of people comment on images, message me for advice, and ask me how I make the images I create. so I am here to share my favorite business image apps! I promise it isn't hard! I don't think my images are that great but I know they are much better than they use to be! I do still have images I created for past companies floating around that make me laugh when I see them.

I do want to say before I get started- PAY TO REMOVE THE IMAGE MAKER WATERMARK! You know what I am talking about- the pic maker's logo in the corner? Pay to remove it! It is a business write off!

Let's talk about my favorite image apps- which I was not paid to promote!

  • PicCollage - This is an app you want to pay to remove the logo from the corner! I love this app because you can make collages, you can freestyle, you can add stickers, you can make cards, add text- you get the idea. You can also pay a monthly fee for upgraded backgrounds and stickers, which can be handy! This was the first app I really used image wise. It is easy to use, lots of options, and great for beginners! I like using this app when I want to do capsule wardrobes for people because I can do a grid of images and change them about! I also created some of my super simple jewelry collages you see here! This is my favorite app to showcase products of the companies I rep! This is also great for doing 'shout out images'- like shout out to so and so for ranking up! You can view 'my collages' and easily swap in another photo and change the name with a breeze! No need to recreate images over and over!

Phonto - I love Phonto! This is a text app for layering text on to your images. I will sometimes create in PicCollage and then take them to Phonto to put text over as it is easier to drag, drop, and label things. You can also change the alpha (transparency) of shapes and text which is nice when wanting to watermark images. You can also change the transparency of the background you add behind text! I use this app mainly to create pure text images like scavenger hunts, games, virtual business cards, or quote images. Here is something I whipped together in under two minutes to show just how easy it is! I would send this image via text to someone I was networking with as it states my businesses, my name so they can find me on Facebook, and my website! Why I like this app for being in direct sales is the so many options of fonts to set me apart from the other apps that have the same repetitive ten fonts!

Phonto Example

  • Canva - I wasn't originally on the Canva wagon. It can be a LOT to take it but it is also super beneficial to learn how to use this app! I love that I can start the creation of images on my computer and then open the app on my phone to drag and drop things around with my fingertip! If you really don't know what you are doing, Canva is like the training wheels app for those who don't know what to do! Be sure when you use this app to not use the pro images or whatever else they offer without paying for it as it will add their watermark crosshatching on the image. I use this app mainly for creating images I will pin around social media. For instance, here is the image I will be using to pin this blog on Pinterest! You can also use it for business cards, banners, and more. I use Canva a lot when I don't have time to sit down and find images for the background as they have many supplied! When in the direct sales world, it's not what you are doing like everyone else, it is what you are doing to set yourself apart. Great images can help with that!

Canva Example

Just like anything, everything takes practice! Start and master one app at a time! For more tips, join Boss Bish 101 for more help!

Do you have another app you use and love to create images for your business?

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