Five Must Have Java Momma Drinkable Items

I've been getting a lot of questions lately surrounding things to get, what are the must try, and most importantly, do I really make cold brew and iced tea with Java Momma items?!

The simple answer is YES. I've been making iced tea and cold brew with Java Momma items since I JOINED in January!

It's simple. You can soak your tea in a pitcher of water for 24 hours and strain it and there you go, iced tea. Or place it out in the sun to allow it to naturally brew like sun tea!

Cold brew is as simple as a cup of coarse ground coffee in 4 cups (or more if you are like me and like it a bit weaker) that you let soak for 12-18 hours and then strain. It is truly that simple my friend.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's talk about my favorite items to make and drink! I am going to list three coffees and two teas!


  1. Sea Salt Caramel Mocha: I am a big fan of the salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks but I can only get it with the salt in the Fall- this allows me to have it ALL YEAR LONG!! I personally like to make this with chocolate milk as the creamer, add caramel sauce, and then use my pink Himalayan salt grinder for some salt on top. It turns out AMAZING every time!!

  2. LIMITED EDITION Raspberry Silly Bar: This is part of the Ice Cream Party Pack but can currently be ordered individually! I did not think I would be a fruity coffee person. I was not expecting this to be SO GOOD but it is! The tart of the raspberry and the sweet of the chocolate is AMAZING! Use my favorite sweet cream Cold Stone coffee creamer and it is like drinking caffeinated ice cream. I am stocking up on this flavor to make sure I have it for as long as I can!

  3. Churro: Disclaimer, I have not tried this flavor but this is my most popular purchase in Classy Bish Boutique currently and have two gal's who order consistently order this one every month, if not more! They say the sweetness of the cinnamon sugar is just right, not overly sweet, and the perfect flavor addition! If it is so loved by so many, it has to be a must try!


  1. Earl Grey's Anatomy: I am a big fan of earl grey latte's or any sort of black tea latte's and this hits the spot every time! The creaminess of the vanilla makes it taste like you have creamer even if you don't. Add a little cream and this will be the creamiest tea latte you will ever have.

  2. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy: I do not like lemon tea. I'm not a fan of green tea. This tea is the exception! It doesn't taste like green tea because of the vanilla in it again! It tastes like I am drinking lemon shortbread cookies! YUM! I am always looking for ways to get a fixing for my sweet tooth without partaking in things that may not be the best for me. This tea is constantly selling out so be sure to snag it on your next order if it is available.

These are all my top suggestions currently! If you think you need any of this, be sure to order here! Be sure to check out the new and limited editions tab as well! I have a feeling your coffee addiction may be heading in a new direction!

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