Five Quick Tips To Practice Self Care Daily

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

One of the big themes I try to share and practice in the boutique group is self care. Using products that work for your needs, clothes that make you feel amazing, and a snarky mugs are all great things to make you feel happy in your daily bubble.

Let's be real though- we don't always have time to wash our face or hair, that one thing we wanted to wear is dirty so now you aren't wearing your planned outfit for the day, and your mug is probably in the dishwasher because you used it yesterday and the coffee rings were a little too much for a hand wash.

Have no fear- daily self care tips are here!! These are things you can do EVERY DAY!

1. DRINK WATER - I know all of you immediately flashed to the meme of your organs seeing you blending up refreshing fruit but then in you added in tequila or something similar but SERIOUSLY! I am not saying jump from the water your body absorbs through your food to 100 oz a day, but start with at least a cup right when you wake up (it actually helps you wake up, fun fact) and a cup with lunch and then before bed. Increase from there. Not only will your organs thank you, your skin will start looking healthier and your body will start doing better!

Not just your organs- imagine me doing this as well!

2. WRITE A GRATEFUL LIST - So simple! Taking time to think about all the things you are thankful for will increase your mindset which will incr