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Five Quick Tips To Practice Self Care Daily

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

One of the big themes I try to share and practice in the boutique group is self care. Using products that work for your needs, clothes that make you feel amazing, and a snarky mugs are all great things to make you feel happy in your daily bubble.

Let's be real though- we don't always have time to wash our face or hair, that one thing we wanted to wear is dirty so now you aren't wearing your planned outfit for the day, and your mug is probably in the dishwasher because you used it yesterday and the coffee rings were a little too much for a hand wash.

Have no fear- daily self care tips are here!! These are things you can do EVERY DAY!

1. DRINK WATER - I know all of you immediately flashed to the meme of your organs seeing you blending up refreshing fruit but then in you added in tequila or something similar but SERIOUSLY! I am not saying jump from the water your body absorbs through your food to 100 oz a day, but start with at least a cup right when you wake up (it actually helps you wake up, fun fact) and a cup with lunch and then before bed. Increase from there. Not only will your organs thank you, your skin will start looking healthier and your body will start doing better!

Not just your organs- imagine me doing this as well!

2. WRITE A GRATEFUL LIST - So simple! Taking time to think about all the things you are thankful for will increase your mindset which will increase your day. Start with creating a list of three in the morning, and increase as you like! You can also do this end of the day. It can be as simple as 'I am thankful for the caffeine I drank all day, the person who let me merge without being a jackass, and the super delicious meal that I had for dinner.' How hard was that?

3. REMOVE CLUTTER DAILY - Whoa now, before we get ahead of ourselves, I'm not talking big leagues here. I mean things like put dishes in the sink that you left on your bedroom floor (please hold as I do that myself..... aaaaannnddd I'm back!). As you put laundry away, if you see things you haven't worn in a year or more, consider creating a pile to take to donate. Oh you have a pile? DONATE IT! Clearing things from your life allows great things to come in! Clutter free areas also help with depression! (I write as I sit next to a pile of unending laundry....) Find something daily to remove, even if it is starting with the dishes out of your bedroom.

4. DO SOMETHING FOR YOU - I get it, so many of us think self care means bubble baths and chocolate galore and international travel. Watching this weeks episode of Grey's Anatomy because you want to is self care (although depending on the episode, I would argue it is self detriment). Reading a new book is self care. Taking the time to cook yourself your favorite meal or get the expensive coffee you like from your favorite coffee stand or meet up with that friend or get that thing from the Boutique you have been eyeing- all these are forms of self care! They fill your cup- no matter how little, they do. Identifying them as such helps shift your mindset into that self care direction! Just realize when it comes to money involved self care there is a difference between treating your self safely and just blowing the boat out of the water.

5. UNPLUG FOR 30 MINS A DAY - How dare I even suggest you leave me alone for a little while, but seriously. Put the phone away. Enjoy the silence- even if it is nerve wracking! I am someone who needs sound from music or tv always. I usually listen to music as I clean or cook. I am getting better at this. I am putting my phone down for a bit, I am trying not to start my day on my phone, and I am enjoying things with the sounds of the kids playing or the cats running about or just my inner thoughts. At first you will totally be in a panic- WHAT IF SOMEONE NEEDS ME?! But trust me, just leave the phone in another room and focus on some things. I cooked dinner and ate my meal and unwound for a bit before I got mine. It truly helped me breathe. This may take a few times to feel like self care and actually relaxing, but it will!

That wasn't so scary a list was it?! I know you can all do these 5 things daily and I encourage you to share you doing it with me- send me a message, make a post on social media and tag me (I know, this is the opposite of #5 but baby steps). I would love to see how you take care of you!

Pro tip: get a notebook to write down your grateful list in! Be sure to date each entry if you ever want to look back!

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