Goodbye Summer Coffee, Hello Fall!

I know many of you are receiving the emails from Java Momma now, but I want to write up about them for anyone who isn't on their mailing list!

This weekend, some of our Summer Releases are going back in the vault! This is completely fine because we just had our latest release and it is PURE FALL! Let's say goodbye to our Under the Boardwalk set and our Concert Series set and say hello to PIE.

Down by the sea.  Our favorite treats from your favorite summer hangout.  This collection of goodies is inspired by days at the pier, the Ferris wheel, and all the treats you could eat.  

Chocolate Covered Banana

Chocolate Covered Bananas in a cup.  Let’s turn the banana stand into a gourmet coffee shop. 

Huckleberry Salt Water Taffy

Tart and sweet Huckleberries wrapped around a creamy vanilla center.  Classic Salt Water Taffy meets Java Momma.  We left the waxed paper wrapper in the box.

Funnel Cake

Fried dough and cinnamon sugar as a coffee. The end.

Cherry Mash Fudge

Part chocolate fudge flavor, part cherry heaven.  One of our favorites any time of year. 

Coffee Concert Series

Is there anything better than a Music Festival?  Not really, but who says you can’t make your own?  Pull out the lawn chairs, pour yourself a cup,  and crank up the tunes.  Just make sure all your neighbors are awake first.  


Take a walk on the wild side.  We added the unexpected flavor of chocolate-covered hazelnut candies with a creamy filling for this crazy coffee ride.  Rock on!  


The most chill, the most smooth, the most yum you can find in a cup.  Sweet coffee syrup, accented with our favorite original butterscotch disks.  Oh yeah.    


Start every event in a grand ole way.  Old school, down-home coffee.  Glamp it up in an airstream if you can, and take Java Momma along for the ride.  


Sometimes parties all sound the same but check for the premium seats to experience the difference.  Take this coffee/cocoa flavor and add dark chocolate salted caramels.  Ramp it up with a hint of extra-extra dark chocolate and you have a coffee festival upgrade you’ll want to taste again and again.  

Both of these sets can be ordered as a whole to get free shipping or you can order all the flavors individually!

Now, let's get on to PIE!! It’s okay to have dessert first with our newest 4 pack. You don’t even need to save your fork! This set is currently only available as a full set, but that is perfect because now you have everyone covered for Thanksgiving!

Pecan Pie

Brown sugar, vanilla, and pecans

Caramel Coconut Pie

Salted caramel under Coconut Cream with a cinnamon almond graham crust

Banana Pudding Pie

Nilla Wafers, Vanilla Pudding, Bananas, and sweet graham 

Apple Pumpkin Pie

A sweet layer of sliced cinnamon apples under traditional pumpkin pie filling 

No matter what sort of coffee is calling to you, I got you covered! Head on over to right now to get your orders in!

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