Happy Frappe Day!

Did you know today is Frappe Day? I didn't until my coffee and tea company did a post up about it! They included this handy dandy recipe image, but I had to make some substitutions to make it work for what I had on hand!

Here is the recipe from Java Momma, now let me tell you what *I* did personally!

2 cups of cold brew (I used raspberry creme cold brew)

Two massive handfuls of ice

1/3 cup of prefferred coffee creamer

However much chocolate syrup you like

Yeah. That was it. I used our super fancy Ninja blender on frozen beverage and got the perfect frap smoothness! Put chocolate syrup around the sides of the cup, poured the drink in, added a straw and I was good to go. It turned out pretty good! It wasn't watered down like I was worried about and was the perfect raspberry-chocolate taste I was hoping for! I can't wait to try it with the Sea Salt Caramel Mocha flavor which is my favorite blended drink at Starbucks to get!

It's been two hours and I am still vibrating... whoops.

Are you going to try and make your own frappe today? Tell me what flavor coffee you are using!

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