Have You Found Your Hearts Calling?

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Do you know why you are in business? What called you to represent the company you are with or the items you supply? Have you taken the time to find your why?

So many people join a business when offered the opportunity because it sounds fun, the idea of financial freedom is promising, or just why not? And that is fine! This is a great way to get in to being a business owner. There is only one problem with it: The first thing people jump into isn't always the perfect fit. Some get lucky or take their time finding the right opportunity, but it is very rare to find success right out of the gate.

So many of us keep with it and keep going, blindly maneuvering trying to figure out why we can't make our business work. We push through hurdle after hurdle and don't feel accomplished or happy when we do. You want to know why you aren't feeling accomplished or as happy as you see others around you?

One reason may be that social media doesn’t tell the whole story and is a great cover, so take it all with a grain of salt.

But truly, it's probably because you aren't doing what you are meant to be doing. Let me put this out there and take it or leave it- but not all of our heart's callings can be met in our current companies. Your calling may grow and evolve and change, meaning you may need to find a new business or company. That doesn't make you a quitter or untrustworthy; it means it is time to move on to the next thing.

In the 9 to 5 world, people are constantly changing companies. I know in the industry my mother works in, it is abnormal to stay with a company for more than two to three years; it is almost like a red flag. Why don't we view the same thing for entrepreneurs?

Researchers have found that millionaires don't have one stream of income (on average). Most have about SEVEN. I'm not saying go out and dip your toes in multiple businesses at once, I am saying you are allowed to have new interests and want to try different things.

I have been with multiple companies:

  • Home Fragrance

  • Cookware

  • Sexual wellness

  • Makeup and Skincare

  • Another Cookware company

  • Chocolate company

  • Book company

  • Clothing company

  • Freeze-dried food

  • Jewelry company

  • Others I have probably forgotten

With my first cookware company, I found I loved helping people cook healthier. Then I promoted healthier relationships and empowered women to feel comfortable in their bodies, and so on. The companies I seriously invested the most energy in, I found my base motivation was and is that I wanted to empower people in an aspect of their life. I didn't even know in the early years that it was my personal why.

When I empowered other people, I was also gaining. Helping someone learn how to properly apply foundation, or why lube is important, or how different necklace lengths were better for certain body shapes- I realized I was educating myself as well. When I no longer found joy within a company, a new one seemed to have entered my life and was offering a new opportunity to learn and grow and continue to work on my why.

Last year, I went through training that broke down my 'why'. I took it one step further through personal development and discovered we have a why for what we are working towards and for the reasoning behind what we do. These are things you should write down and evaluate often as they are ever-changing.

The reason you do what you do is your heart's calling. Take some time to break down your why. If you don't know how to do that, consider scheduling a meeting with a mentor in your company or even consider reaching out to me! I would love to set up a time to talk!

Do you know your heart's calling or your why? I would love to hear it!

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