It's Birthday Month Bishes

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

It's birthday month and I ALWAYS do crazy giveaway and fun things this month! I actually have the whole month already planned- you aren't going to know what hit ya!

100% That Bish.

I have a plethora of giveaway items ready and will be sharing ways to win, but I also have one month long giveaway! Let's be real, I am extra as hell so that means birthday MONTH- not just the day!

Here is how you can enter to win our huge giveaway:

  • 1 entry when purchasing with a BA code! (can be used as many times as you want!)

  • 5 entries for placing your first order!

  • 2 entries for every friend who places their first order (they must mention you when they order)

  • 1 entry for liking my page (get an extra one for leaving a review on my page if you haven't already!)

  • 1 entry for following me on Instagram

  • 5 entries for any bish box ordered (if you ordered the taco box or Kate's Favorite foods box last month, they count!)

  • 3 entries for signing up for the October Bish Bash (please contact me directly and I must receive your deposit for you to get your entries!)

  • 3 entries for each set of Sassfirmation cards you preorder!

  • 2 entries for every piece of A&D purchased from my on hand rack

REMEMBER! All it takes is one entry to win! It HAS happened! But it never hurts to get more entries!

If you are looking to celebrate my actual birthday with me this year- let me know! We are going out for tacos and a bad bish movie on August 13th! I would LOVE to have you there!

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