July Momma's Sips

July Momma's Sips are in the house and there are just a few days left to order them! These teas make delicious warm beverages but are even better when chilled! July's theme is all about patriotism and different monuments around DC!

Let's talk about what is in each tea!

  • United States Capitol ~ Blended with white tea, rose hips, hibiscus, apple pieces, rose petals, cranberries, mango pieces, pineapple pieces, natural pineapple flavor, natural mango flavor & blueberries.

  • Washington Monument ~ Blended with oolong tea, sage, raspberry leaves, natural blackberry flavor & raspberries.

  • Lincoln Memorial ~ Blended with lemon grass, butterfly pea flower, rose hips, chamomile flowers, natural mango flavor, mango pieces, marigold flowers & lychee flavor.

I honestly ordered because I wanted the Washington Monument! Black tea with sage and blackberry flavor? I am totally there! I was pleasantly surprised by all three!

United States Capitol is a fruity mouthful! I will be honest, it was my least favorite of the three but something I would have and enjoy again! There is so much fruit going on it honestly tasted like banana. I don't know how, maybe it was just me, but it definitely made me think banana.

Washington Monument is definitely my favorite, but I knew that going in. The sage in the tea just brings everything to a whole other level. This is something I will enjoy hot or cold anytime of the year!

Lincoln Memorial was a super cool tea to brew! The Butterfly pea flower makes the tea slowly turn blue as it brews. It is a nice floral tea and when you add a little bit of lemon to the tea, it not only makes the fruit flavors come out, it turns the tea purple! Definitely a fun science experiment with the kids!

This is definitely a great Momma's Sips to try out for the first time! Order yours here before the month ends!

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