Live Your Best FUPA Life

Does everyone even know what a Fupa is? I honestly didn't know this area of my body had a name until this past year. It's the 'fat upper pubic area', are the lower area of your belly down into your pubic region. AKA where you button your jeans, your mom pooch, whatever you want to label it.

I don't know about your, but loving my belly has always been one of my hardest things. It got worse after having two ten pound babies that left my lower belly and abdomen extra fatty and in the way of wearing things I wanted to. Jeans were an absolute nightmare. I think the last time I wore jeans, my youngest was 5 months old... and he turns five in less than four months....

Honestly, no shame.

I never dressed in a way that showed it. It was an area I just covered up with drapey shirts, wearing leggings to suck it in and then dresses that went to my knees, and anything else I could do. If the style hid my belly, it was probably in my closet.

A year ago I started to build a close friendship with someone who was a L&D nurse before she became a full time mom and she also has some things that have really messed up her body. Hearing how she talked about her fupa and giving absolutely no f*cks about if it showed in her pants or shirts suddenly made me go 'oh, no biggy that it's there'. The fact that she called it a fupa with such joy made me laugh a little and start looking at what I called my mom pooch in a completely different light.

Calling it a name that wasn't associated with the fact it was there because I had two huge babies and have failed to lose the baby weight empowered me a bit. 'Oh it's just my fupa, no biggie, most women have one.'

Naming this section of my body seemed to have flipped a switch. It wasn't negatively associated with my kids anymore. It was just a much just a place on my body as my calves or boobs.

I then started to look at the other womxn in my lives- did they have one? Did they dress to cover it? I started following plus size bloggers who truly embraced their sizes and the love they showed to their whole body was empowering. I focused on filling my feed and life with those who completely owned their bodies.

I started to wear things slowly but surely that were a bit tighter, that showed my belly and my curves. Sometimes you still wouldn't be able to see my fupa because I wore a shirt over the tight bottoms, but I still did it and that's what mattered.

I also started wearing high waisted items. By doing this, I didn't have the line cutting into it that made me then look like I had a huge muffin top, but showed that my bottom half actually had a great shape to it! Realizing my shape and respecting it by dressing it in styles for it really helped with learning to love and respect it!

I stopped caring so much about what other women thought and focused on how I felt! Focusing on that and sharing my photos and attitude with others started to show me that so many other women needed the 'ok' to love and show off theirs; to dress how THEY wanted.

If you have been trying to figure out a way to 'reduce' the way your fupa affects you, start with these steps! Realize it is just as much a part of your body as your boobs are, find others who fill your feed with body love and acceptance, and wear clothing that shows your body LOVE not just coverage!

Go live your best fupa life!

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