Looking For A Savvi Community?

If you are interested in learning about all things Savvi, I have the group for you! Yes, my personal group, The Classy Bish Collective, has quite a bit of Savvi stuff, but I am talking pure, straight nothing but Savvi.

The awesome team I am a part of, Style Squad, has created our own community group where we all personally share selfies, posts about Savvi, the Fashion Friday lives from the company, and all the info you want to know about partnering with Savvi!

If you are wanting to see more bodies in Savvi or even share your own, come and join Savvi Community by Style Squad Brand Ambassadors!

The great thing about this group is because it is all members of our team posting, you get a good look into how our team interacts with each other. While I am signed up with an awesome leader, it is members not even on her direct downline who I have built great relationships as well as my sister team mates!

If you have found this and are saying 'I just wanted to join Savvi and get the details!', you can head on over to my page all about joining our awesome Savvi squad!

No matter what, I hope we connect soon!

Commonly asked questions

How much do you make with Savvi?

Starting, you make 25% commission on sales! You can make more from selling more items in a month, having a team, and hitting rank bonuses.

Can I sell Savvi if I have a boutique?

Yes! Savvi makes a great addition to your boutique model! It is how many of us started and how many people on our team still operate!

Can I sign up for the personal disocunt?

OF COURSE! We even have a $99 sign up option for those who just want to shop for themselves and don't want a kit with pre picked items, swag, and coupons to give to friends

Do I actively have to work my business?

Nope! You just need to purchase or sell 50 pv within a month in a six month period! So if you need to take a month or two off due to personal reasons, no biggie!

Will you be bothering me to make sales?

NOPE. That isn't my style! I am here to help YOU succeed, not the other way around!

Have any other Savvi questions that weren't answered here or my link above? Drop them below for me!

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