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Mailing Kindness

I've been online the past 18 hours dealing with statuses trying to defend what happened yesterday. Statuses defending how our system is now and calling for the idea we should arm teachers.

I can't take it anymore. I know how I need to educate and vote further to fix our system that allows children to be shot in schools and I am talking with friends on what we can do.

I can't even imagine that there is true and full healing with the loss experienced yesterday. Nothing we do in the future can change the past. I do know that we can work on letting our own community- the members of The Classy Bish Collective- know that they are not alone.

That there are people who care, who are here to talk and communicate, to lean on. We can send and fill our spaces with more care and compassion.

There is so much to do to make our world a better place, and one way we can ALL start is by putting out a hand and spreading love.

If you are interested in participating, please see the post in our group on Facebook or here on the app for those staying away from socials.

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