March Madness: Bri Original Art & Beauty

This week has been INSANE but it’s time for another March Madness post! This time spotlighting Bri Original Beauty and Bri Original Art!

Not only is Bri an amazing artist if you can’t tell by the first photo, she is an amazing hair stylist! I have only had her braid my hair (which was amazing and lasted a few days!) but she has cut my daughter’s hair as well as my son’s- who doesn’t allow anyone to touch his hair. That right there told me enough about her character because if Ben allows you to get close to him like that, you must be a good person!

While salon services are currently suspended, Bri has a ton of amazing art and other items. She can customize many an item, has some really cool stickers, and she makes headbands in some really cool fabrics! Her headbands are the only other ones I can wear besides Reverie by MT! If you are looking for a great new hair stylist or cool things your feed, give her pages and Instagrams a follow!

Bri Original Beauty for salon services

Bri Original Art for artistic creations Instagrams: BriOriginalBeauty and BriOriginalArt

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