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March Madness: Magpie Mouse Studios

I met Sarah of Magpie Mouse Studios in the Fall of 2018 at an event and fell in love with all of her amazing pieces. We even traded two items I had at my booth for a Washington shaped necklace with a crow on it. I originally got the necklace for my mother but decided to keep it for myself! Over a year later, and this piece is still one of the most complimented pieces of jewelry that I own- it is easy to see why!

It is easy to see why these jewelry pieces made from metal and enamel are eye catching- you can't help but stare at the beautiful colors that Sarah is able to capture in a myriad of shapes, nature prints and designs.

She doesn't just offer the shapes of jewelry you see here- she has a ton more on her etsy in even more shapes, colors, and finishes! She also is making trinket dishes as well as light switches so you can fill your home with her beautiful art!

Be sure to snag yourself a bunny necklace or some other amazing plant pieces to help bring in Spring! I'm sure if you stick it in a friends Easter basket they will be THRILLED!

Sarah will fill your life with beauty, fun, and some on point meme's! She is an absolute joy to know and she is always making smile! She quit her corporate job to focus on her art and spreading beauty throughout the world! It has been amazing to watch her grow and get her beautiful pieces into some really cool stores as well as some local museums and art galleries.

When you wear her jewelry you are making your outfit into a work of art!

Follow her on Facebook: Magpie Mouse Studios

Follow her on Instagram: SarahMeranda

Check out her website:

PS- her white floral pieces will go amazing with the Flower Power print from Savvi!

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