March Madness: Miranda with 31

To start off my version of March Madness where I am sharing a friend and their business daily, I am starting with my friend Miranda! I met her a few years back when she was in charge of an event I was a vendor at! She was sweet as can be and while she didn't have a business set up at the time, she would crochet some really cool things and sell them when she felt like it. I got some really cool crocheted poke balls from her a few years back! They are still the only thing I allow my kids to hit each other with...

The Lovely Miranda!

Now, she is with my favorite bag company: Thirty-One! Thirty-One bags are amazing quality and last FOREVER. I have never thrown out a bag from them because of a rip. The only time I have had to get rid of one was when water fell in my trunk over a utility tote and I hadn't realized and it and it molded- I about cried!

Why I love Thirty One products is they offer items for the everyday! We all use wallets, we all use grocery bags, many of us use purses. They offer products and an opportunity and don't boast and claim they will completely change your life, but they WILL HELP! I love that sort of honesty from a direct sales company!

I love shopping with Miranda! Once she gets a feel for your style and what and why you shop, she knows exactly when to message you with offers, new products, and more! Not only is she knowledge-able about her business, she is a genuine and kind person! She is a great mom, friend, and person and does not have a cruel bone in her body. She is just one of those good people we can all use in our life! She posts a lot of fun things in her group to share and keep you interested.

*These prints of styles may not be available currently*

If you have ever attended a vendor event, you have probably seen many a vendor walk in with the large utility totes to carry their stock. I personally used them for both business and to get groceries in the house as one large utility tote fits 5+ grocery bags. The thermal grocery bags keep things cold as I usually don't just visit one grocery store, I visit at least two to three on our big shopping days. I have used their purses for years for on the go and find myself in need of a new one as all their products are able to be personalized meaning that I usually get my current business name embroidered on them. I made the mistake of introducing my mother to the personalized feature and that is when she went a bit crazy and got at least 10 utility totes, all personalized with witty sayings and creatures!

I love how easy it is to personalize everything and just all the amazing uses you can think up! You can see in the picture here some of the ideas! One of the storage bins has some scented pine cones, there is a purse, and then a potted plant as well! (PS- the felt styling you see here isn't available anymore!)

Here is a list of my favorite products to get with her:

  1. Large Utility Tote - I have at least five

  2. All About The Benjamins - the best wallet! SERIOUSLY! So much space!

  3. Stand Tall Bin - My FAVORITE laundry hamper!

  4. Glamour Case - I have one for travel and one for all of my makeup brushes!

  5. Fresh Market Thermal - I love that it can be buttoned down to be smaller or undone to be bigger!

  6. Hang It Up Key Fob - I use this to strap my purse to the cart!

There are so many more things I love but some are no longer available and some I just can't think of! If you want to learn about more products tonight, come join in on my party in Classy Bish Boutique! I hope you love shopping with Miranda like I do!

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