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March Madness: Nino Blanco Foods

This March Madness spotlight is definitely for those who are local to me in Washington! We have been eating Nino Blanco chips and salsa since they came to the Issaquah Farmer's Market a few years back!

The ingredients and salsa are super fresh! The chips are better than any chips I have ever had in my life. Period. I usually have these chips and salsa at any parties or gatherings and they are just as expected as our special pineapple drink I make. I know that if I want anything left over after the party I literally need to hide the extra chips and salsa so no one can pull them out. When the kids dad comes over to hang out with them, if there are any chips or salsa in sight, he is asking if he can have some.

Our favorites to get are the regular salsa in mild or medium, the Vampire salsa, and their chips! Not everyone in our house eats salsa but they will eat chips!

They are delivering still during this crazy time! You can place an order on their website below! Be sure to get an extra bag or two of chips because you can literally eat everything with them! I even made breakfast nachos with them with chips, scrambled eggs, cheese, and then salsa from them on top! Super weird but it was super good!

Follow them on Facebook: Nino Blanco Foods

Follow them on Instagram: NinoBlancoFoods

Order delivery or pickup on their website:

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