My Favorite Small Shops Holidays 2020

Every year I try to do a live on Facebook where I list off my favorite places to purchase to shop small over the season. With kids being home ALL THE TIME, an increased amount of responsibilities, and more, I don't think a Facebook live will happen. That won't stop me from creating a list of amazing people to shop with! While I may have you covered for Sassfirmations, coffee, tea, and cocoa, there is much more to life that we can enjoy!

Favorite Jewelry & Pretties Sources

This list has grown this year, I don't know if it is because I am wearing more jewelry or because I have encountered more amazing artists, but I am happy to share!

Magpie Mouse Studios

Magpie Mouse is my favorite (and only) source of enamel jewelry! Sarah is amazing, has so many ideas and styles, and is bound to have ONE thing that makes you fall in love! I absolutely adore my sunflower collection and my Washington state necklace from her as well! She just released ornaments that have me drooling! Her packaging is done with so much care and there is always chocolate in with your new pretties! Mention that you are a classy bish at checkout to know I sent you!

Instagram: SarahMeranda

Etsy: MagpieMouseStudios

Elm Crafts

Michelle and her earrings are my OG clay and leather earring source. Her items are stunning and she is all about lifting other small business owners up! In the last few months, she has grown in her resin earrings which make me swoon every time! She works with a lot of hand-picked plants and flowers that she then puts in the resin for individual and nature-filled pieces! I will say that my Macrame earrings from her are probably my favorite from her!

Instagram: ElmCrafts3



This shop has only been open about a month but is KILLING IT! Kat is letting her creative side shine and it is creating such STUNNING pieces! I have a set from her first release and haven't been able to make the last few live releases and keep MISSING OUT!! You for sure want to follow and keep an eye out for her story sales!

Instagram: OkayCutieClay

Align & Shine Gifts

I absolutely adore Brooklee and her podcast, so when she launched monthly gemstone stack bracelets, I was ALL OVER IT! These bracelets never dissappoint, are so beautiful. These have become a staple update in Classy Bish Collective as we all love them so much! Tune in for her December release and see why!

Instagram: Align.And.Shine.Gifts

Etsy: Align And Shine Gifts

Titania's Wardrobe

If you are looking for a source for everyday crowns, cosplay jewelry, and so much more- this is it! I love everything I have purchased from Titania, and so has my mother and daughter. She even made a crown for my custom boudoir shoot that turned out AMAZING!! I have never once been disappointed and plan on going back until I have a crown for every day of the week.

Instagram: Titanias_Wardrobe

Etsy: TitaniasWardrobe

Facebook: Titania's Wardrobe

Beauty and Self Care

Sometimes you want things to feel pretty or put together or just different! There is nothing wrong with that and I am all for it! Here are my favorite self care hook ups!

Color Street with Li-Ting or Lisa

I absolutely adore Color Street and have sung my praises for months! I remember when they first launched and doubting it as I have never found a nail product that didn't set off my anxiety. These nail polish strips are AMAZING! Not only can I get beautifully detailed manicures for my daughter and I for $12, they last for a week or two until my nails have grown out enough for me to want something new. I love shopping with both Li-Ting and Lisa (who is Li-Ting's downline!) as they have great communities and really take care of their customers! Check out their groups and see what they have on hand and their respective shopping sites!

Purrty Nails by Li Ting

Creative Nails with Lisa

SeneGence With Sherry

We all know I use to sell SeneGence, and while I may not anymore, it doesn't mean I now hate the products! LipSense and the other amazing products- from the hair care to shadows to skincare! I love it all! Sherry is my go to connection for shopping! When you join her group, say I sent you!

Facebook: Sherry's Lip Color Is Life

Shopping site:

Pure Romance with Teri

Before you go 'whoa Kate!', nothing says that you have to get something 18+ when shopping with Teri! I use the Flirt perfume or a body spray daily to boost my mood. Body Boost is the best moisturizer I have ever used (and it makes a great primer). Chafe Escape is a thick girls best friend! All of these are daytime use and not something that will make you blush! Now, if you need something that will make you blush and relax in another way, she definitely has those items as well. What is different about shopping with Teri is she isn't out to make the most money, to sell you things she doesn't believe in or anything else like that, she genuinely wants to enrich and better your life in any way she can. I have turned so many friends to her and they all agree that they have never met a better rep for this subject matter!

Facebook: #PartyWithTeri

Shopping Site:

For The Home Items

I know I'm not the only one who puts items they want for their home on their Christmas list (I seriously want a dutch oven y'all). If you are looking for homewares, food, or decor, this is the section for you!

Norwex with Julie

To be fair, Julie and I have only known each other about a week ,but I get such a good vibe from her that I have complete confidence in sharing her group! I have used Norwex for a few years, but I learned in the last week how to PROPERLY use the items. I ended up scrubbing down a bathroom with two samples she sent me- 1/4 of two different cleaning cloths did a whole double sink bathroom and had more life to go before needing to launder them. AMAZING! I will be hosting a party with her in the new year, but for now, check out her group!

Facebook: Julie's Green Cleaning VIP

Pampered Chef with Jenna

I absolutely love Pampered Chef and I am very excited for my friend Jenna who recently launched with them! These products are wonderful, last for a long time, and worth every penny! I have many items that have outlived items from big box stores. My favorite items are definitely the Rockcroks, mix n chop, and more- I even have a blog on them! Jenna is super sweet and shares my philsophy of lifting others up! Be sure to check out her site!


The Craft Lab Washington

I had my first experience with this amazingly fun place when they were doing free kits for kids for Halloween. I ended up raiding their premade project lot and found tons of wall art to fill my already crowded room. There are so many projects and once we are in our new normal, they will be a great place to have in person, socially distanced gatherings.

Instagram: thecraftlab_wa

Facebook: The Craft Lab


The Finch's Nest

My beautiful friend Kaitlin started drawing and sketching amazing items that she has turned into digital downloads, stickers, shirts, and more! She even created a background for the classy bishes to use as a background! Check her out, give her a follow, and let beauty fill your feed!

Instagram: The_Finchs_Nest

Etsy: TheFinchsNestArt

SeMe Family Foods

If I had to live off of two food items forever, it would be their Challah bread and the Dark Kiss jam. I'm not kidding. I love their Orang Cardamom Challah bread for boujie french toast, their jams are all amazing, I could go on. Honeslty, I have never had something from them that didn't leave me drooling for more. You will be so happy you ordered thier yummies for your kitchen!

Facebook: SeMe Family Foods


Gifts For The Kids

We can't forget about the small munchkins in our lives! While we are treating ourselves, let's treat the small people in our lives as well!

DotDotSmile With Heather Lebron: These dresses and brand are an absolute favorite of my daughter. The twirly dresses are great, the prints are fun, and they are expanding to boy's clothing which is making my son feel special too when something shows up for him. Use code DDSLUCIE for free shipping on your order to make it even more sweet!

Facebook Community: DotDotSmile With Heather Lebron VIP's

Instagram: DotDotSmileHeatherLebron

Retail Website:

Parenting Affirmation Cards with The Parenting Roller Coaster

I absolutely love my parenting affirmation cards from Hannah! And while these may not necessarily be 'for the kids', they remind me the sort of parent I want to be to help me be better FOR my kids. Between her and another friend, she inspired me to make the Sassfirmation Parenting expansion pack, but that doesn't stop me from using hers every day!


Facebook: The Parenting Roller Coaster

Candles and Great Smells

I am a huge candle, essential oil, and good smelling space person. We have more wax warmers and oil diffusers in our house than I care to admit. Here are my favorite sources!

Wickless in Washington

It is no secret I'm a Scentsy fanatic- they were my original direct sales company. I love the range of scent options, beautiful warmers, and with Christi, she makes it more than just business. She learns what you like and hits you up when something new pops up she knows you will love. While she has a full-time job she loves, you can tell Scentsy is her passion. I highly suggest getting some of the Almond Croissant because it smells AMAZING!!

Instagram: WicklessWashington

Facebook: Wickless Washington

Live Long And Plant

I found these amazing candles in a local shop (listed below) called Sparkle that I adore in downtown Renton. These candles smell AMAZING, are fragrant, have a great burn length, AND come with succulent seeds. YES! SEEDS! Once you are done burning the candle, you can clear out the glass jar and then plant the seeds. I love two in one products!

Instagram: LiveLongAndPlant


Lavender Connection

This is my favorite lavender farm in all of Washington state! I love that they make their own essential oils from their crop. It wasn't until this lavender farm that I actually enjoyed lavender- I kid you not! I HATED lavender until I visited this farm with friends. Their Tucker's Early blend is what we use on our dryer balls. The Hidcote Pink strain makes me sleep deep, so deep that I have some wacky dreams I remember. I also highly suggest their spritzes and cleaning products! They are WONDERFUL! Visiting their farm is now a requirement of every Summer to stock up and cut our own lavender.

Instagram: LavenderConnection


Boudoir Photographer & Lingerie Supplier

No need for a category description, there is only one person for this: Boudoir by Bluebird & Lace. Jamie is the most amazing boudoir photographer. I was so worried about going into my shoot with her that we wouldn't click, but since that day she has become one of my people. I love how she made me feel, I love how my friends have left feeling after their sessions, as well as the photos. I have such major girl crushes now on so many of my friends it should be awkward. Jamie also has lingerie boxes that can be ordered ahead of time full of things to make you feel pretty and amazing about yourself. I highly suggest booking with her, and if you aren't local, getting in on her boxes!

Facebook Community: Bluebird & Lace VIP

Website: Get Your Own Lingerie Box

Local Places I Love

While most of these will only be relevant to those in the Seattle area, they are still great places to follow, check out, and keep in mind for people you may know out here!


I absolutely love this macaron company! They can print images on the cookies, have amazing flavors, and even have ice cream sandwich macarons! My absolute favorite flavors are the Cookie Butter and Red Velvet! I'm not someone who usually enjoys cookie butter but these are AMAZING!

Instagram: Macadons

Sparkle Renton

I absolutely adore Sparkle! It is the fun kitchy boutique I wish I could own! Not only is it filled with a ton of fun regular items, the owner also spotlights and carries products from local makers! This is my go to place when looking for a gift for people in my life.

Instagram: SparkleRenton

4 Sisters Holistic Remedies

If you are looking for a great source of herbs, oils, crystals, teas, and any sort of magick items you could need, this is the place for you! I love going into this shop as they have amazing suggestions, items, and are always so kind and great. Definitely check them out the next time you are in Renton!

Instagram: 4 Sisters Holistic Remedies

Facebook: 4 Sisters Holistic Remedies


Ascendance Pole & Areial Arts

If you have ever wanted to learn how to pole dance or had an interest in areial arts, this is your local studio that is going to empower you in ways you didn't know possible! I look forward to post covid and being able to start dancing at this studio, working out, and feeling amazing!

Facebook: Asendance Pole & Areial Arts


PHEW! I am sure there are even more people I am missing, and this list is in no way complete! I hope you found some new accounts to follow and places to shop this season to support small and send love to those you love!

~Classy Bish Kate

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