My First Boudoir Shoot

We all know that four months ago I got the confidence and soul boost we all long for in life to accept our bodies. (If you are new here- read this blog!) Since then, I have started doing things I have always wanted to do but been to afraid to do or just didn't have the energy for- wear crop tops, take time down, spend more reading and relaxing, teaching social media basics to people- my purpose and actions were aligning! But there is one more thing I have wanted to do for YEARS: a boudoir shoot.

I had even been gifted a free session with a photographer two years ago but I was too terrified and unsure of my body to actually follow through with it. All the regular thoughts: I'm not sexy enough, I'm not thin enough, who is even going to want to see them? I never went through with booking.

In early April, when I got that high dose of body positivity from the clothes, the team, and my company, I really switched into a 'love ya self' mode in full sense. I started feeling sexy- for MYSELF. I started taking photos of myself for ME! I had for a while and I do have some self portraits that make me go 'damn' every time I scroll my camera roll. I have been less likely to care what people think of what I am wearing and doing and more likely to think 'how much do *I* love this outfit?"

I was chatting with my friend who does all my product photos for me and we were talking about a stylized shoot to show off my new attitude when someone added me into their shopping group without my permission- something I post about once a week not doing and how I will never shop with you if you do it.

It was Jamie of Bluebird & Lace. I had connected with her previously as someone had added me to her boudoir group without my permission. I honestly was annoyed and it was a thorn in my side but she truly didn't seem like she ever meant any harm, she just maybe didn't know. So I clicked around. I saw she was selling luxury wigs (and if anyone wants to get me a birthday present next month.... that is an idea...) and I somehow ended up over on her like page viewing a bunch of her photography work. THIS is where her true magic lies. I was wowed. I saw she was having a special because of Covid madness and I sent her a message saying how I wish I could afford a session with her as it is my 27th birthday in August and blah blah blah, whine whine whine. You get the picture. She was booked all the way out through September at that point, but she would message me and see what we could do if she had a cancellation.