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New Month, New Company, What's Next!

March was a whirlwind. Between everything with Covid-19, preparing my family, homeschooling, dealing with trying to keep my mental health up, my previous company (Agnes & Dora) closed their doors and spread some confusing information. Not only did I have to inform all of my customers about what has happened, I had to correct misconceptions that had been spread. It broke me.

The company I loved and represented and shared with so many people and brought people onto a team with me, shut their doors without even truly telling us. It was the second company within a year to do some shady things to me and it just put me down. I tried to not let it get to me totally. I focused on really revolutionizing Classy Bish Boutique to where I really want it to be- a community that is easily navigate-able, a place people can post to share, for help, to brag, to just be. While yes, it is my group where I conduct business, it is so much more than that and what you post shouldn't HAVE to do with what I share. If I were to take away all of my businesses or companies I am affiliates for, I want that group to still be able to stand on it's own two legs. With our new weekly schedule and truly expressing this multiple times, I think I have done that.

While everything was falling apart without me knowing, things were falling together in a way I didn't know. That sounds so cheesy but it was the truth. Another company opened the door for our team to come over and join them in our current structure and some other special things. I was unsure. I spent time on calls with people from the company and got excited but was a bit wary from things I knew about the company from before the current ownership and brand name. I absolutely ADORED the corporate staff and the sense of community they had with their reps, certain rules they had, as well as philosophies they share and push. It was all things I could get on board with.I talked it over in the boutique and we all agreed we would try it out for two months and see where we are then. We liked that there were multiple lines, we liked that there were weekly drops and promos. We like the inclusivity in models from young to old, to thin to thick. We liked that there is an app and a share code for everyone to share for their friends to get $5 off and they would get $5 off as well.

That's not to say it hasn't been different. It's a learning curve. I don't have a replicated site. I had to wait to get product in hand to really share and be excited. I think that was the hardest thing for me- I am not someone who will ever sell or share a product that I haven't personally tried. So when my first items arrived last night, I had a sense of peace wash over me. The dresses are amazing and I felt so happy in them. They were exactly what I needed to lift my spirits and make me feel myself again. People watching me try it on said that my smile and how I was feeling showed just how great the items are. While I still only have four items, I am confident in sharing and representing this brand in its full extent.

I am excited to announce that I am a stylist with Savvi: the life style company. We have an everyday line, fit line, and a Luxe line. The everyday line has dresses and tops, skirts, denim, and more! The Fit line has workout leggings, sportsbras, and workout layers, and is essentially an athletic leisure line. The Luxe line is high end pieces. Everything is limited size runs and things WILL sell out. I love that product won't be sitting forever and everything will be on trend and we can keep our wardrobes where we want it to be!

If you are interested in seeing more, you can obviously check out Classy Bish Boutique, but you can also shop on the app! Use my link here and you will get $5 off your first purchase!

I can't wait to grow with this company, with you, and with our new group set up! Here is to making the rest of 2020 amazing!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Apr 03, 2020

Good to hear things are looking up for you Kate ❤

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