Picture Perfect: New Promo!

New Week, New Promo! While we are waiting for new items to come in due to the Covid delay, Savvi is doing promo's as a thanks for the patience!

I do first want to show you the new items dropping tomorrow!

The Breathe Crop and Koi pant are CALLING MY NAME!! These items were originally slated for the fit line, but were redirected to the Everyday Line after some thought! Imagine all the high waisted items you could wear with that Breathe Crop! The Yuma Tank is perfect to throw on over a sports bra or bralette! The Koi Pant says on it styling tips that are all dead on!

Now let me show you the promo items!

I'm all for a good pencil skirt! The Lenox is adorable for on the go or the office. The Viking Poncho is great for colder months or wearing as a layering piece or over a swimsuit! Someone at HQ was wearing one two sizes too big and it was still adorable! Don't let available sizes hold you back! I don't know much about the Mysa top besides it is super cute!

Everything will be up between 10:15-10:30am PT! Be sure to be on the Savvi Live on their like page to hear when the items have been added! If you haven't, be sure to sign up as a customer to save yourself some time!

Which item will you be hopping on to get?

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