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Sassfirmations Expansion Packs

You all have been loving your decks and I am so appreciative of your sharing them with friends, sending them my way, and all of your photos! You all are some sassy bishes!

You asked, and I'm responding! Sassfirmation Expansion packs are being created and will be ordered once we have enough orders!

As I appreciate you all so much, every pre ordered deck will come with a free Sassfirmation gift that will be EXCLUSIVE to these pre orders! If you order multiple pre orders, you will receive multiple gifts! I have multiple gifts in the works and I am so excited for them!

Which deck speaks to you? Affirmations for parenting, financial abundance, or body love? You can get all three and use code 'PreSass' for free shipping on your expansion collection once they arrive!

Head to the shop now, get your order in, and share with your friends!

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