Sassfirmations: Worth The Wait

I finally did it. They are real.

They have always been real. If you are on my email list you receive new Sassfirmations every week actually! They are even Instagram/Facebook story size for easy sharing with your friends!

By the fact they are real, I mean I officially have PRINTED DECKS of Sassfirmations. Something we have been waiting and wanting for over a year now! I finally got out of my way and just did it.

I absolutely love affirmations and believe they are life changing through many ways, most importantly being mental health. As someone with a snarky sense of humor and a foul mouth though, I wished there were more affirmations with cuss words. Pinterest was strongly lacking. So back in early 2019 I admitted to a friend what I wanted to do. And I created them. But I didn't get farther then sending out virtual ones every week in my newsletter.

Flashback to the end of July 2020, (so long ago, right?) and my downline and friend showed me she had launched Parenting Affirmation cards. My first thought was 'what the fuck, this girl just decided to do this and she did it- why can't you be more like her?!'. It was then followed by an instant urge to congratulate her and order a set. I decided then and there I was going to make mine a reality.

And I did. And they weren't supposed to be here for two weeks, but the Universe was feeling 'Nah, you finally did it, here are your cards three days after you ordered them'. I wanted to PUKE. These cards and these ideas were my baby- was I really going to release it out into the world to let people judge me based on them??

The answer was yes. With reminders from my amazing support group of women and reading the deck over and over, I finally put them out there. I just kept remembering my favorite card from the deck 'I am deciding that I am good enough for my dreams'. I deserved to have success. You all deserved to have these funny, snarky reminders of how kick ass you are. We deserve this.

I added a cart option here on my website and they even have their own shopping tab. I have had suggestions and asks for Sassfirmation decks on topics strictly to body positivity, financial abundance, and even parenting myself. It has shocked me how many of the original 100 decks I have sent out. As I sell more and more decks, I will order another round, and I will even expand to specific niche decks.

For now, you can get your own physical deck of 15 Sassfirmations HERE! Keep them for you, tape them around your house, or give them one by one as gifts to friends. No matter what, I can't wait to see how you change your life with sass.

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