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Scentsy Fall & Winter Scent Review

It is no secret that I love Scentsy- it was my first direct sales company I personally signed up with. While Scentsy wasn't my heart product, I still love the items and they can be found throughout our house. My mom is an addict as well which just furthers the obsession all over our house.

We are Fall people, no secret there either. This means that we end up stocking up on wax bars every Fall and Harvest release. It is crazy to see how many scents they have now versus the 10+ years ago when we first started shopping. I have an awesome consultant, Christi, who lent me her huge tester kit of all the amazing Scentsy scents to go through and it ended up being a hour long process of smelling and laughing and writing up a list with my mom, brother, and I.

Here are some of my FAVORITES from this catalog!

Around The Campfire

Autumn Sunset

Apple + Oats

Autumn Roadtrip

Apples + Cinnamon Sticks

Almond Croissant

Autumn Hearth

Be Merry

Berry Bright

Breakfast in Bed

Cloudberry Dreams

Caramel Apple Craze

Cranberry Garland

Cozy Fireside

Dancing Sugar Plum

Farmstand Pumpkin

Evergreen & Grapefruit

First Day of Fall

I'm Snow Over It

Homestead Holiday

Maple Apple Bourbon

Just Fir You

Snowkissed Cranberry

Stroopwaffel Delight

Very Snowy Spruce

And those are just the ones that are SEASONAL. I am also super excited and interested in the Halloween Town bar as well as the Harvest trio but I haven't smelled those yet! If I had to choose just five scents, I would do the ones I put in bold above!

But I don't want to choose just five. That is why I always host a Scentsy party this time of year!

This weekend in The Classy Bish Collective, Christi will be taking over and sharing all things Scentsy on the main group wall and in the event I have created in the group. What I love about Christi is she is thorough about sharing her product line, ways to use all of the items and options, and ways to make everything uniquely you! Plus she isn't pushy when sharing products or sales. I also enjoy that after a while she learns your styles and preferences and will tag when something new is coming she thinks you will like! 10/10 recommend her as your Scentsy Rep!

If you are interested in learning about all the things that Scentsy has to offer, to see all the fun new Fall and Winter items, come join us over in The Collective! There are a ton of warmers for every style, which is perfect as we are going to be focusing on style all month long in September!

Do you have a favorite Scentsy scent that you think everyone needs?

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