September Momma's Picks Reviews

This is the FIRST TIME I have decided to try and order the Momma's Monthly Picks! Don't get me wrong, it is an amazing steal and super fun to have something new every month, but I am still new to coffee and do not have a palate to appreciate all the flavors and notes. These months flavors spoke to me though! It may have mainly done to do with the theme...

I was most excited for the Austen's Pride but they all sounded AMAZING! So I used my special barista privilege to order the coffee and tea ahead of time and as soon as they arrived, I whipped them up as cold brew for tasting!

Poe's Raven: I was interested to try this one and was a bit overwhelmed. I wasn't sure what to expect with malt and caramel, but what I got was something that tastes like the Blonde roast at Starbucks. Blonde roast is not my jam so this coffee was not for me. I luckily have some friends who enjoy that sort of flavor so I sent it off to them to try out and try to get their orders in!

Austen's Pride: This was the coffee that made me decide to try and order the Momma's Picks! I am missing the fact I won't get Fair Scones this year at the State Fair so I thought this may be the replacement with the berry touch. Well... I can't taste berry and it is kind of creamy with the custard, but that was the most I tasted. I did say that I don't have a great palate. It still tasted good but I think I got my hopes way too high because of the scone thing.

Dicken's Expectations: I have a lot from Java Momma that have this similar profile because I enjoy flavors like this. This ended up not only my favorite of the three, it was my friend's favorite as well. The spiced rum with the cream is super delicious! With a little sweet cream creamer it was PERFECT. I look forward to brewing more of this flavor.

Overall, would I suggest ordering this set? I probably won't be ordering another trio to have. If you are someone who likes a more acidic tasting coffee while also having fun flavors, you would probably enjoy this set! Or if you are someone who likes fun flavors and know someone who likes those stronger flavors, this could be a fun set to have to split and share! So 5/10 would recommend? Not bad I would say!

If you want to try these yourself, get your order in here before 3pm ET on 8/31!

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