September Momma's Sips Review

I was excited for the Momma's Picks, but I was even more excited for the Momma's Sips because we all know how much I love tea! The Doyle's Mystery sounds like a twist on our Earl Grey's Anatomy and that is one of my absolute favorite tea's ever! Let's get to it!

Tolkein's Ring: I am not a big herbal or fruit tea person, but this one is AWESOME! I can't wait to try it iced! There is a lot of fruit in this one and it makes me think of all the members in the Fellowship! I even think Lucie, my 6 year old, will like this tea!

Dahl's Peach: Peach tea is probably my favorite iced tea flavor out there so I was excited to get this! The base tea is Oolong and it is very good for your health. The peach flavor on this one isn't overwhelming which is always really nice. I don't mind drinking this hot, but it is definitely on my list to try cold.

Doyle's Mystery: This tea is AMAZING! It tastes just like Earl Grey's Anatomy but added in lavender and orange for a little extra but very subtle tea to add a difference. If I was hoping for a cup of Earl Grey's but was given a cup of this, I would NOT be disappointed. Absolutely love!

This box was GREAT! Would I recommend someone to order this box? Yes! 10/10 would recommend! I am now battling if I order in just one more of the trio or if I order in two more so I can stock up on the Doyle's Mystery.

Want to order in your own Momma's Sips? Get your order in here by 8/31 at 3pm ET!

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