Shout Out to the Working Mom

There has always been this battle between who has it worse- the stay at home mom and the working mom. I am so happy to see since becoming a mother that this battle and argument has decreased and mothers are banding together to say either is tough.

But holy hell. Working outside the house is tough shit.

Now, let me state I have been both a stay at home mom and in the past few months I have started working outside the home. I love working. Love to work. The thought of retirement is right next to the idea of dying. I thought getting out of the house would be AMAZING.

Before we go any further, let me just I have done the stay at home mom thing for 5 years. It was hard. It was lonely. I definitely went insane. I did have help from my mom but I didn't have the emotional support from having a partner for about 3 years of that (and the other two years it was even questionable).

I'm here to state my opinion: being a working mom outside the house is TOUGHER! I have always respected mothers who worked outside the home because I 'knew' it was tough, but now I know just how tough it is.

Maybe it is tougher because I was a stay at home work mom. I could be there every time there was an owie or someone was sick or or or. Now it's like "sorry, but I have to go work so you and your dad will have to try and figure it out. Please don't die while I'm gone" and then peace out to work. There is so much to balance mentally and emotionally, and that is a task I have always been sub par at.

This isn't for the faint of heart. I've been working a job the last month and a half and gave my official notice today. My kids have been sick, I have been sick and stressed, I have missed being there for my kids, I have missed being here for my business. The job I took wasn't for me. I met some amazing people, but I had too many personal issues both at the job and going on at home for it to work. And that is OK. It is no one's fault.

I am going to go back to working my business hard during the day and picking up some temp positions here and there as they come. I am going to finish my degree. I am going to be there the days my kids are sick and all they want to do is cuddle. Now that Piper Noble is about to launch, I see more and more opportunity to stay home! I already am building a team and I look forward to being able to devote time to them as well.

This is for the best for me.

So shout out to the working mom who does it all! Y'all are some major badasses and I hope to be like you!

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