Spilling The Tea on My Tea's

I recently signed up with Java Momma as I love their Tea Cup Of The Month program as well as all of the tea offerings. A deal came up and I just had to jump at it! I was sent a ton of teas in my kit that I have been trying and exploring and while I still have a few left to try, I definitely have a favorite and a tea or two that isn't for me!

My absolute favorite is the Earl Grey's Anatomy! This tea is like a creamy earl grey tea which I have never experienced before! I am actually OUT of this tea and mourning the fact that I have to wait for my order to come in! I am very much a black tea person so I am not shocked that this is my favorite out of everything that came in!

I do want to say that I received a lot of fruit tea's and I am not a fruit tea person when it is hot. The All That Razz I tried was good and I definitely look forward to trying it iced. I was not a fan of the peachy keen and have promised a friend who tried it and enjoyed it that the pack is hers. Another one I was not in love with was the Rooibos Vanilla Chai. I could not figure out why I didn't enjoy it but it boils (no pun intended) to the fact that I couldn't get this tea strong enough. It honestly felt like I was drinking twig tea and that didn't do it for me either. I hate to give such a rude review about a tea but I will always tell my truth! I do want to try the Masala Chai to see if that is more up my alley!

The only tea I see for our staple tea's that I still want to try is the Tiffany's Breakfast, which makes sense as I grew up as an English Breakfast tea drinker. I won't get bored though- there are monthly releases of themed tea's. Here are the tea's for March that you can preorder now! I really want to try the one tea two tea as well as the red tea!

If you want to try your own tea (or if coffee is your preferred beverage) and place an order before the end of the month, be sure to do so on this party link! When you order on a party this month, you will receive a free bag of tea or coffee (depending on what you order) in with your order! Now that is a reward for shopping!

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