Stranger Coffee, Halloween & More: Latest Java Momma News!

I didn't send a newsletter last week and many of you have messaged me looking for the latest updates on Java Momma and I am here to spill the details (but not my actual cup or I will be really sad).

We have had a TON of great releases the last few weeks so I am going to drop ALL of our latest Limited Editions so you aren't missing out!

Stranger Coffee

Strange things are afoot at Java Momma.  We’ve got waffles and monsters and the best coffee in town.  Just ask local law enforcement. 

  • Eleven - Frozen waffles and Maple Syrup. Breakfast of Champions.

  • Steve Ahoy - Double scoop of yum!  Cool peppermint and chocolate ice cream melted into a smooth medium roast.  

  • Demogorgon - Black Cherry and Blueberry meet dark chocolate notes in this other-worldly coffee. 

  • Hopper's Donut Shop - You bring the donuts and Java Momma will bring the Joe.   

Momma's Arcade

We are going old school with some classic flavors! So go for the extra lives and don't miss this limited release!

  • Super Mocha Bros - Run, jump, and avoid the Piranha Plants to grab the flag and snag our new flavor! Loaded with chocolate-covered coffee beans and a sweet, nutty swirl, you'll want to play this level again and again.

  • Java Invaders - I see rows and rows of coffee beans coming at me, trying to get my Java Momma! Oh wait, it's just a dream. A COFFEE DREAM! A glorious dark roasted coffee dream.

  • Coffee Kong - Deep in the Jungle lives a legendary plant covered in magic beans and guarded by a fierce protector. Climb the ladders and get past him to win the prize! A cup brimming with the flavor of chocolate-covered caramels and a vanilla cream center.

  • Qberry - Jump down, it's blue. Jump up, it's red. Jump sideways, you fall off. The next level is yellow, orange, and green! Sounds like a fruity maze. Has anyone ever reached the end? You'll reach the end of a cup of this one for sure! Like a cup of trail mix with fruit and nuts. Try it with and without cream.

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Pumpkin Spice Latte in one hand means you need to get one for the other hand.

1/2 lb of our NEW Pumpkin Spice Latte flavor along with 2 packets of PSL Mocha. MMM

Halloween Mystery Box

Treats and tricks and decor galore! Our Halloween box is back with this plus more. Coffee and fun items to get you in the mood for fall. But, don’t wait! When they are gone, that is all!!

These will start shipping on October 1 until they run out!

Every box is different and has a retail value of $60 or more!

There is no guarantee of items received - that's what makes it FUN!!!!  It's always a surprise!

We have even more packs available like our Momma's Donut Shop, Back To The 90's, and even a few more available on our New & Limited edition page! What is super awesome about all these packs is they ALL ship FREE making them even more of a steal!

If you are ready to get your shop on, you can click the names above to lead you to the direct product, or check out my new direct click through: for easy remembering!

What set are you going for?

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