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Supporting Your Friends Doesn't Always Mean Spending Money

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Why do so many people think supporting their friends in business means spending money with them? There are SO MANY WAYS to support our friends without spending a dime. I'm not saying don't buy from your friends (I mean, hit up that shop section of this website...), but don't feel like a failure of a friend for not buying everything or feeling like the only way you can support them is through money spent!

Here are some simple ways to support your friends with their own businesses:

1. React to their posts! Don't just like! Love, sad react, laughing, whatever reaction! Doing so helps boost post more than just liking! Just letting them know "hey, I see this and you!" means so much! To clarify- both their personal posts and any sort of posts in groups or on pages.

2. SHARE! Share from their like page, share their blog posts (like this blog post...), if you have a product from them- make a post on your personal and tag them with how much you enjoy it! Share their group for your friends to check out.

3. If you are in their group, post in it and interact! Share things you love, comment on other people's posts. If you remember they showed something, don't be afraid to post and ask!

4. Give your honest feedback! If we are doing something annoying or you see a different view that could help us grow- TELL US!! (Only the really bleh people will lash out and if they do, do you really want them on your friends list anyways?)

5. Leave reviews on their page! People believe other people on reviews (Have you ever avoided a place because of Yelp?)

6. If you feel like you have a friend who would benefit from someones products or community, tell them about it in a private message and invite them to check it out.

7. Genuinely ask your friend why they are doing the business they are doing- be it a mlm, their own boutique, bakery, whatever else! Understanding someone's passion helps you cheer them on! I know I personally get a high sharing why I work the businesses I do!

8. Don't fake it. If you aren't interested- let them know. Maybe you enjoy their group but aren't interested in purchasing- let them know so there isn't a sense of false hope. Bonus: if you just aren't interested period, leave their groups. If you aren't reacting or commenting on posts, you are actually lessening their reach! You are doing a favor by leaving!

9. Ask for some business cards to be able to hand out to friends or to keep on you. I know I have a few friends who keep them on hand for when they are wearing something from me and they get a compliment or get asked where they got it!

10. Understand that the majority of people in their own businesses don't see you as customer #12653 and we are genuinely trying to help others while making our own ends meet. There is nothing dirty about being a business owner. We are all just chasing our dreams!

Business owners- what's a tip you wish people knew or one you do to support your friends?

Friends of business owners- what's something you didn't know you could do to help friends OR what is something you do to help your business owner friends?

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