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Tasty Thursday: Pineapple Summer Drink

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

It is no shock that I love pineapples! The Thrive Life pineapple is my favorite fruit I have been sharing on my personal page and I just ordered in pineapple mailers, but pineapple has been one of my favorites for much longer than the past few months.

Growing up my mom would make a summer drink of 7up, Pineapple juice, and then a splash of cranberry juice. Now that I am an adult, I have added a little something extra to make an adult version that everyone always loves!


7up soda

Pineapple juice- I prefer they 'fresh' type from Trader Joe's

Cranberry juice- the Simply brand is my go to

Your choice of alcohol- I prefer Malibu Rum or Amaretto!

Here is how I structure the cocktail:

1. Fill a glass with ice to just under the rim

2. Pour in the 7up- until about half way

3. Add in Pineapple juice- about half of the space that is left if including in alcohol or the majority of the way if you are not

4. If adding alcohol, now is the time to add it! Leave room for a splash of cranberry juice!

5. Top off with a splash of cranberry juice

Ta da! Ready to go! I will gather the ingredients and go live on my Facebook page this weekend with a demonstration!

This drink needs a better name though! What are your suggestions?

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