Tasty Thursday: Spotlight Edition!

I love to bake and cook and share recipes but this week I am taking the time to put the spotlight on another small business that I love so much!

Edna Mae's Confections can be found under the definition of yummy and indulgent. I've had some amazing caramels in my life but I have never had such delicious caramels (and other treats) for such an amazing price!

One of Edna Mae's Set Up's

From flavored popcorn to cake pops to chex mix to caramels and more, you will never be disappointed when you try something new with her! My kids look forward to her cake cones and I look forward to her take on pretzel turtles which are the one true way to my heart!

Pretzels with Caramel and Chocolate - YUMMM!

If you are in my shopping group, you may recognize the name as I include her yummies in different monthly boxes. But she has done something else as well! The idea came together with one of the mugs and fulfilled with her 'handmade' pops....

Yup. That's a penis. Hand sculpted none the less! These ones had cream filling but the poor things had an issue keeping their cream inside! (The irony was not lost on anyone....)

While yes, she does have the adult pops for your next Pure Romance party, the majority of her items are family friendly and safe to bring around your five year old and their never ending questions! If you are looking for something to celebrate with, cake pops for the birthday party, a sweet treat to take over to your mother-in-law's that will not be met with any criticism- this is who you want to contact!

Be sure to say your favorite classy bish sent you her way! Like and follow her page here!

Two of my Fave Bishes and I eating a bag of dicks!

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